Army or Anon

So i think it's fair to say that not everyone agrees with Anon on everything they do. But i think this has just taken it a step to far
nhnaima - army or anon

It was bound to happen i guess but this is too much. these are activists and people using free speech. many expose lies and corruption. labeling them as terrorists isn't going to end well, and the mask is going to become something that people fear. what do you guys think though? personally i'm fully against this. if they start coming after people for being Anonymous (not hacker anon just regular) or having the mask and i'm sure people are going to have a problem with it.

i can't help but think this isn't going to end well..... anyone else?

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    I personally see a big problem with this because from what I've seen so far anonymous doesn't respond well to threats at all and this is a big threat which is going to lead to a lot of trouble

    they're making it seem like every part of anon is evil as well. only a couple factions do "illegal" Ops. and most of those are in the name of exposing corruption. like i said, i don't see this ending well... :/
    - 24paperwings March 28, 2013, 12:54 pm
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    the fact that a civilian group acting under free speech(normally) is being targeted isn't going to end well. unfortunately, anything that works for the good(normally, in my opinion) of the country(mine, USA) gets squashed by washington.

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    fallout security

    Seems like this is similar.

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    It is true that anon isnt a big hacker gang or something. A friend hat a problem with a stalker who were hacking her cellphone and all kind of shit, even my facebook account and I seriously only go on facebook when I am home.
    So someone told me to contact Anon, which I did and no one would help me track the stalker down or hack his account, because nobody could.
    They actually told me to call the police and go to a lawyer.

    To be honest I was kinda scared first if they maybe hack some shit from me to show me how easy it is or something like that. They didn't of course.

    • Vans
    • March 28, 2013, 5:59 pm
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    Anon may do some questionable stuff, but they're far from terrorists. If the US wants to act like they care about cyber terrorism, they should be keeping an eye on countries/organizations that actually have a motive to hurt them, instead of throwing something easily recognizable into the poster out of laziness.

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    Anon are just a bunch of neckbeard losers with 14 year old kids encouraging them because they think the useless shit they do is funny.

    Anon should not be referred to as terrorists or anything else for that matter, as they are just a bunch of losers who pat each other on the back whenever they do something they classify as funny, and then subsequently jerk each other off.

    Give Guy Fawlkes his face back and stop ripping off V for Vendetta and Fight Club. Anons should grow up

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