Army Fails!

633578012323819969 aimingfail - army fails!

128687420329148984 - army fails!

51 eed761e4ef3860 full - army fails!

633831930207310085 armyfail - army fails!

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army fail

america fuck yea

army fail L 1

army pee fail

armyfail - army fails!

fail tank

dangerous fail army dumbasses stupid die military mistake fa demotivational poster 1224226966

633890685787203495 aprisonerofwarisamanwhotriestokillyouandfailsandthenasksyounottokillhim - army fails!

fail canadas army

fail bush 600x400

fail tank12 - army fails!

friendly fail1

formation drill fail

fail plane tears cabrio

swat team fail government army intel search engine

segway military

futility kid throwing rocks at tank everything you try fail motivational

tank fail

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    Dear god what does the US army do to deserve a child peeing on a serviceman's head?
    (apart from the obvious...)

  • 1

    Think that guy is Israeli, from his Galil, so the obvious is probably the answer.

    • Ruleb
    • June 28, 2010, 12:54 am
  • 1

    US army?
    Thats the IDF buddy.

  • 1

    Touché, but we're all UN so it doesn't really matter

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  • 1

    hehehe, funny

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