Anyone play GT5 F1 etc racing games

Here is my home made playseat
img 0455 - anyone play gt5 f1 etc racing games

img 0457 - anyone play gt5 f1 etc racing games

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    Nice rig :) I wish I could get something like that. I have GT5, MSA, DiRT 2 & 3, GRID, F1 2010 & 2011. Currently playing F1 2011.
    You should check out a guy on youtube called TeamVVV. He does reviews on racing games and stuff and accessories including the new Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel. It is a replica of the current wheel on the real F1 car and works on PC, PS3 & 360.
    There is his channel. He get early access to stuff to so it is quite cool.
    I just use the controller for my PS3 at the moment but my brother has a Logitic? G25 wheel & pedals for his laptop. Not as good as your full on seat pedals & wheel combo though :P

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    Your seat looked like an Angry Bird when the pic was first loading

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