American Ingenuity...

first i would like to start off this post with a little story,
so i have a dinosaur of a laptop form 2006 and works great except for the fact of starting up. Sometimes when you turn the laptop on, it starts to load windows, then shuts off and turns back on, except for being a giant ass screen and only being able to see a 1/4 of it, so one day i got mad cause i needed it so i smacked my key board a bunch of times, and turned it on, worked great, so the next time it happened i did the same thing and it worked, and now every time it does the giant screen i smack the key board...the looks i get some times XD
and here are some pics i found real quick
175 o - american ingenuity...

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american ingenuity

images - american ingenuity...

tumblr l2rmpflblk1qbq86qo1 400 - american ingenuity...

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    • SuDoku
    • April 24, 2012, 3:06 pm
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    That last one is actually pretty sweet if you don't have a grill... although I don't know why you would have a shopping cart either lol

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