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I have a white iPhone 3g s 32gb and my mum has an iPhone 4.
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Okay shall we start with good apps i will go for my 5 favorites and you can tell me what yours are too:

Facebook 9/10
icon facebook256 - accessories and apps for iphone

This is good i use it all the time because it works well and in the new update they have fixed most of the bugs. I would give it 9/10 because there are some things that need to be added but with a new update it will be better. If you don't have facebook or don't like facebook you won't find it very good.

Call of Duty: World at War 7/10
cod world at war zombies game

This is good it doesn't work too smoothly on some older systems and it costs a lot. Then they made a number 2 which I think isn't very good and I don't want to spend another £5. But it is good fun and has good graphics and isn't laggy if it works well.

Doodle Jump 10/10
doodlejump1 - accessories and apps for iphone

Very addicting and fun for a quick game. It is addictive and easy to play my 4 year old cousin can play it i only told him to move it. It is only 59p as well everyone plays it.

IM+ 9/10
134104 - accessories and apps for iphone

I use this for my facebook chat as it doesn't work on the facebook app and it is MSN too so you can use two different apps too. It is quick and not laggy, I like it.

Fall down 8/10
mzl xrmwqpik 320x480 75

Its a simple game but still great fun, fun to have games with your mates like who can get the highest score. Fast to start playing too.

Angry Birds 9/10
angry birds

This is a fun game that doesn't require your full attention so you can talk or watch TV whilest playing etc. It gets quite boring if you get stuck on a level and can't get past it but i guess that's what internet walkthroughs are for. It has a lot of content too for only 59p

Okay now for best iPhone case.

The otterbox impact case 10/10
otterbox impact case 450

This looks good and is very comfortable to hold, it is cheap as well only about £7 off amazon. It is strong, drop proof, dust proof and scrunch proof. The buttons are easy to press and it is very well lined up, the mute switch is easy to use, the headphone slot is open and the speakers aren't covered to reduce sound quality. The silicone is very high quality so it doesn't stretch over time. The buttons are actually easier to press and surprisingly it doesn't collect much lint. This is my favorite case.

The switcheasy rebel 8/10
rebel case

This is a good hybrid but the exoskeleton doesn't stay on very well. The otterbox impact gives better protection from shock and drop. I also think the otterbox looks better and it is much cheaper half the price on amazon in the UK.

You guys can talk about headphones i have some expensive bosse sound reducing head phones but otherwise i just use the normal iPhone head phones because they have volume control etc and a mic.
wired headset 1

Anyone got any good headphones that are quite cheap and stay in ears properly?

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    <3 Doodle Jump <3 so addictive ! its unbelievable how that simple game could be that way :P +2 Nice post

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    Yes, Fall down its free and so fun :D nice post once again

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    Boosting it to a +3 due to your friendliness

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    thnx anything i should add?

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    yeh thats good i got it i will do that too then

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    i've added it and thanks

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    Its a simple game but still great fun, fun to have games with your mates like who can get the highest score. :)

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    okay i will copy and paste that

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    Thanks mate

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    no problem

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    I like popping pigs on Angry Birds!
    angrybirds - accessories and apps for iphone

    • Math
    • July 2, 2010, 1:37 pm
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    :O I forgot!!!! How did I forget angry birds?

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    i've added it know

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    Doodle jump FTW!

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    yes it is.... yes it is

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    Sweet, it had to be up there!

    • Math
    • July 6, 2010, 10:55 am
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    yeh i was going through my phone to see what apps and i guess i missed it :s

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    I have Coby CVE31 headphones that go in your ear and stay there they only cost $3 at a local store here called Fred's...

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    Skullkandy headphones are good and relatively cheap. About $15-$30 but thats here in the US so I'm not sure about there in the UK. But my favorite apps are as follows:
    Cyanide and Happiness
    Bloons Tower Defense
    Finger Physics Free
    Paper Toss
    JetFighters Honor Free
    Pandora Radio
    Crush the Castle

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    Skullcandy ink'd headphones are pretty awesome if you listen to punk rock, or just aren't a bass freak. They're really resilient (2 years or so), and cost $16 without mic, $20 (I think) with. I tend to think of earbuds as disposable because my friends use them and I treat them pretty rough. For $16 a pair, i don't think it's too bad, and I like to keep a second pair on my desk at home.

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    You can get all iPhone apps for free on your Android and iOS devices using AppEven app store. Download it from

    • sleenv
    • November 29, 2017, 4:58 am
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