About me: DemonAngel

Hey guys :)

Name: Colin
Occupation: Theatre Student
Hobbies: Acting, singing, rock climbing, anime, video games, and killing giant talking squirrels.
Sports: Soccer!!!!!

I just recently did a performance of Legally Blonde the Musical in the fall.

me - about me: demonangel

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    Lol, has everyone who did one of these listed "video games" as a hobby??

    Yes because video games are the fucking bees knees.
    - ember February 8, 2013, 11:32 am
    Hellz to the YEAH
    - DemonAngel February 8, 2013, 10:05 pm
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    Thank you for taking part! +3

    You are quite welcome good sir
    - DemonAngel February 8, 2013, 10:06 pm
    I wanted to do one, but I didn't feel comfortable doing it for some reason.
    - FurryLegend February 10, 2013, 12:52 am
    I felt the same way at first, but then I looked into my pocket and found that I had zero fucks and did one. Nah i just feel comfortable with the crazy yet nice people on this site.
    - DemonAngel February 11, 2013, 9:33 am
    Just don't tell them where you live. FurryLegend can tell Ember though, Ember won't steal any of FurryLegends hair. Ember won't smell FurryLegends hair when he is sleeping. And Ember would never kill/kidnap FurryLegend and make him be Embers friend.
    - ember February 11, 2013, 2:49 pm
    Hey! you can't do that. I already claimed rights do that :P
    - DemonAngel February 11, 2013, 3:18 pm
    You guys can just call me Zach if you want. Just sayin'.
    I would also appreciate NONE of those things happening, thanks. ;)
    - FurryLegend February 11, 2013, 5:08 pm
    And I guess I really SHOULD do one. Is there like, a template, or do I just say hey.
    This is me.
    - FurryLegend February 11, 2013, 5:10 pm
    Do what FurryLegend wants. Ember did what GangsterMonkey did but added stuff because Ember does what she wants.
    - ember February 11, 2013, 6:21 pm
    Do not tell Ember what to do. Ember can kill whomever she wants.
    - ember February 11, 2013, 6:22 pm
    Ok furry legend or Zach I'll leave you alone... for now. Because if have a more challenging prize ....EMBER prepare to be haunted
    - DemonAngel February 11, 2013, 7:28 pm
    Ember does not think DemonAngel understands his position. Ember will have both FurryLegend and DemonAngel. Ember does what she wants. Good luck DemonAngel and may the force be with you.
    - ember February 11, 2013, 7:34 pm
    "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you." beware ember
    - DemonAngel February 11, 2013, 8:08 pm
    Ember is making educated gueses by stalking everything DemonAngel has ever said.

    Also, DemonAngel does know he is talking to the person who brought this comment to the internet. http://www.sharenator.com/6DIG6_Question_of_The_Week/
    - ember February 11, 2013, 8:20 pm
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    Meh seen worse and you are wrong I do not go to Ithaca... .think warmer :P

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