About me: 24paperwings

Name: Sam
Occupation: Bio student
Occupational pursuit: Field biologist
random bits: recently started back up in training, working on several books one is a main project the rest are side works along with some short stories and poems, longboard extensively (need new bolts though the upgraded trucks are a bit bigger)
Little about me: used to be a wrestler in high school and now run the college club team, I've recently gotten into politics (as many can probably tell) and focus mainly on environmental and biological issues, I love writing and reading. i used to draw a lot but have turned to writing about a year ago (seriously too many hobbies lol)

reason for chaos: ADD, shit's awesome when you're bored but sucks when you have stuff to do...

goals: graduate with my degree, take some time off to work a lower paying job which will give me the freedom to travel, write, and simply explore the world. Not planning on settling down anytime remotely soon and i hope it stays that way for a while :) also been playing with the idea of a youtube channel, not sure if it'll happen but we'll see lol.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiin anycase... I have a weird tendency to write as i talk so unless it's in a debate i tend to do random writings mid sentence (like now) to make the posts more interesting (plus it's kinda like two people talking... wait am i talking to myself on the internet...? well this just got awk) (O.o) Ummmmmm, actually yea lil bit....

Moving on! love rants and love posting my writing for you guys to see, SO GO READS IT! :(
Ummm except Ember, last post had lots of sads, i make a happy for you in the next one :D
Ember gets it cause ember is cool and ember is a cat and cats need a happy! :D

(Ember= captain cool beans of the U.S.S. Sharegods cause she was an awesome when i first came on and still is an awesome now)

Lol tagged this as Celebs :P

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    Thanks for taking part dude :) +3

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    24paperwings had better make a happy story, Ember can't handle all the sad. Huzzah, Ember advanced in rank and is a captain! Wow that was really easy to make O-6... and she got stationed on the best boat, HAZZAH!

    • ember
    • February 5, 2013, 3:38 pm
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    I get on sharenator for the first time in two days, and it's full of about me posts O_O What's going on?????

    little movement to reopen the community feel :) just enjoy and get to know your fellow members lol
    - 24paperwings February 6, 2013, 12:37 pm
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