About Me: The Life Of Me :)

Ok since I said yesterday I would join in here it is......

Species: Human (sadly enough)
Gender: I is a female
Name: Savanna
Goal in Life: To be a zombie and kill all the bitches, bitches love killing
Hobby/things I like: drawing, killing fruit, taking long walk in a volcano, reading poetry that is about poetry that is about a poet named Bob who wrote a poem about poetry and then mailed that poetry to another writer who wrote a short story about it that involved a crazy man named Tom who sang show tunes all day why'll stealing poems(I think you would all enjoy this poem), being a ninja, running down my hallway when it's night time cause I'm sure as hell there is something behind me trying to kill me, killing fruit as a ninja, thing of every scary living thing I have ever seen or heard of before going to sleep, acting like I'm a professional basketball player after I get the piece of trash I threw into the garbage can, and being a fruit ninja

Location: 'Merica
Favorite Color: Purples

Favorite Animal:
wolf - about me: the life of me :)

Now I tells you a joke:
So there where to guys sitting at a bar that was on the 12th floor of this building. The first guy turned to the second and said "hey I bet you a drink that I can jump out the window from this floor and survive." The second guy thinking he was crazy and wouldn't survive said "Fine, you survive and I'll buy you a drink." So the first guy goes over and jumps out the window and he's falling and falling till he's right at the pavement and then he's suddenly sucked through the building front doors and back up into the bar. Amazed the second guy goes to buy him a drink when the first guy stops him and says" How about this I'll jump from the roof this time and you buy me 2 drinks." The second man agreed and watched as the first man jumped off the roof and falls and falls until he's right at the pavement and he's then again sucked right through the buildings front doors.
Walking back up to the bar the second man buys the first man his drinks. Turning towards the second man the first says "Hey I have an idea how about this I'll buy you a drink if you can survive the jump from this floor like I did." The second man agreed figuring that if he could jump and survive then so could he. So he goes to the window and jumps and he's falling and falling till he's right about to hit the pavement and then SPALT he hits the pavement. Up in the bar the bartender turns towards the first guy and says "Superman your such a jackass."

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    Fuck yea wolves rule!

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    I never knew that you were of the female variety!
    Cheers for taking part +3 :D

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    I already know these things about you!! :p

    ............nice to know.......
    - Savi99755 February 5, 2013, 1:47 pm
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