About Me: Life of had5244888

Name: Hank
Age: 19
Location: North Carolina, USA
Occupation: Pre-Pharmacy Student
Hobbies: Playing basketball, watching any type of auto sports, chilling with friends
Goals: Become a pharmacist and raise a family
Favorite Color: Tarheel Blue

I spend most days trying to study for my science classes. If I find any free time I am normally playing basketball or working at the cafeteria on campus.

snapshot 20121019 - about me: life of had5244888

Me and one of my best friends :D (I am on the left)

This past summer I got to meet my favorite NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon:

Jeff Gordon 2

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    Cheers for taking part, :D

    I think it's pretty cool having this going around! Get to know everyone from Sharenator!
    - had5244888 February 5, 2013, 5:27 pm
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