About Me: Life of Xanderh

Haven’t been on Sharenator in about a week and I see this thing going on so I might as well do it too.

Name: Alex

Sharenator Nickname: Snails (Bestowed by MissRandom)

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Location: There’s a big rock here, not much else though…

Occupation: Coffee Shop Worker

Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore

Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who (I guess I’m a pretty huge fanatic)

Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, Video Games (PC and Xbox. Hit me up if you want to play sometime), Internetting (copyright me), Drawing/Designing (Kind of shit but steadily improving), Music (dubstep fan here), Video Making (Used to do Youtube stuff but didn’t really go anywhere), and whatever else catches my interest.

Reason I joined Sharenator: Came to this site about 2 years ago as a lurker but I didn’t actually make an account until about a year ago. I liked the community on this site and I thought I could contribute as well. Though, it really has deteriorated lately due to all of the debate/hate posts recently. I’m really glad that this is going on though, feels like it’s bringing back some of the community love of old. Nice going GangsterMonkey

About me: Not really sure what to put here. If someone really wants to know more about me, I’d be willing to answer in the comments

Photos: Not very photogenic but I do have a couple here
Me on the right

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Some tennising (Copyright me)

img 0152 - about me: life of xanderh