About Me: FireRoastedFire, the End of All

Well, since I agree with the community revitalization project, Here it goes. A look into the enigma that is FireRoastedFire:

Age: 20
Name: Luke

Quest: I seek the grail

Favorite color: Red or Blue (I love both)

Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta

Hobbies: Warhammer 40k, Video Games, Paintball, Computer Engineering, eating, breathing, anime, reading, watching sci-fi/fantasy/history/Mythbusters,
writing short stories, working on my book, oh and BURNING THINGS.

Pets: Thaddeus, Destroyer of Crickets (Bearded Dragon)

Occupation: Lowe's Customer Service Associate and Bringer of Ragnarok
I'm also an occasional Voice Actor for small projects.

I'm relatively nice. I have been called a gentle giant, as I am 6' 7" tall and see everyone as a friend until they do me wrong. Very few people do me wrong, so I do like to make friends, even if I am a bit introverted. Anyway, I am a pyromaniac, second generation. My dad used to set up $2000+ firework displays over the retention pond outback our old house. I learned the whole 'fire is good' thing from him

Also, I am a cancer survivor and donate to cancer foundations when I get a bit of extra money. Everyone should be given the chance I was.

Anywho, I would give you a picture, but I do not take very many. However, I will give you one of my favorite pictures and one that I used for my profile a while back. It also describes my viewpoints on people who don't like me for who I am. Enjoy:

Haters Homebrew Hilarity s705x599 201819 580

Any questions about me, feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide.

Also, a round of applause for GansterMonkey, a good international friend of mine, for having such a brilliant idea.

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    Hey Cheers man!
    Really glad you took part! +3

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