A story that defined my life

I am a Scottish teenager who was never a particularly social person, i kept myself to myself and never did anything extra ordinary. i did my school work i kept myself fit by playing rugby 4 times a week. i was fairly happy with my life and apart from breaking my nose twice by the time i was 13 nothing had gone majorly wrong.

this is me

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on the day of the 28th February 2009 i was on my way to play a game of rugby for my school team. nothing spectacular just a friendly nothing on the line. the match started, i was playing in the second row or lock position (for those of you who know what that means) meaning i was meant to be in every scrum, ruck and maul. by the end of the first half we were well in the lead and were expecting an easy second half. it started out well and having just scored a try (again for those of you who know what that is) jogged backwards toward the halfway line having been coached to never take your eyes off the opposition. the ball went into opposition hands and the guy who was holding the ball was tackled and went to ground forming a ruck over him. it being my job and all i went and joined in. as the ruck dispersed i was left off balance and fell to the ground face first. while my rear end was still in the air a fairly chubby fella fell on it forcing my head into the ground and causing my neck to bend forward and forcing my chin to touch my chest a good 2 inches lower down than should be possible. as this happened i felt a series of cracks going up my neck. turned out that was the disks becoming disconnected and snapping back together. unfortunately this didn’t happen for the connection between my C2 and C3 disks (second and third bones from the skull) as they only popped apart but not back again. now for those of you how are interested that is where your neck breaks when you get hung. i hit the ground lying in my side with one arm trapped under me and the other lying across the side of my head bent at the elbow so i could see my hand palm up. my first thought was well fuck that wasn’t to bad, lets get up and get on with the match. my second though was fuck. i cant move. now the only way i can describe the feelings that came next is through quite an odd metaphor. have you ever sat and stared at something trying your hardest to make it move with your mind, willing it to move and in that moment you have never wanted anything more than to just get the damn thing to twitch. now imagine staring at the only thing in view, your hand, and hoping and praying that you could just get the damn thing to move. almost unable to breath because of the unbelievably awkward angle my head was at i started shouting as loud as i could which was around the level of your average game of Chinese whispers. i know this sounds incredibly cliche but after what seemed like hours but what can have been more than a minute or two a teammate came over and asked if i was OK to which i replied i cant move. unable to hear me he came closer and asked again. again i said i cant move. at which point he screamed the most primal scream for help i have ever heard. of course a body on the pitch isn’t going to stop a game of rugby so they just moved pitch allowing me to be surrounded by the most useless people to have around you during a medical emergency. my parents. thankfully one of the players mothers was a doctor and knew exactly what to do. i was covered in as may layers of clothes as was available this being the oppositions track suits. during this time i was completely numb and paralyzed with blurred vision due to a lack of oxygen getting into my system and the only thing keeping me from going into shock and falling unconscious was the large amounts of adrenaline running through my system.

the ambulance arrived driving through the middle of other games being played to get as close to me as possible. i was very slowly straightened out and strapped into a spinal board complete with neck support and a pad between my knees. i was then rushed to the nearest accident and emergency for evaluation i was then rushed to another hospital as the one i was currently at didn’t have the facilities to accommodate a serious spinal injury so i spent the night doped up on some seriously strong morphine waking up every half hour wishing for a drink.

if this story generates interest i will finish it later in another post as it is currently 2:30 am at point of writing.

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