A short collection of long ones

Blow chunks aa5df8 4440000

But glass is so pretty 6db950 4440382

How I feel when shopping with a women 686056 4427857

i m out some oc 02c4f9 4439955 - a short collection of long ones

impressive 0e5e29 4441025 - a short collection of long ones

Jack the Time Traveller 29c3c0 4439923

jugrub 2ed526 4439954 - a short collection of long ones

k - a short collection of long ones

Oi breh I have no idea where I got this 43105d 4434392

Old Inventions don t worry i cleaned it s soul please help 95ef95 4432431

Perspective TiltShift 2e77f1 4427965

pizza drawings 8ba446 4439794

Problem solving NOT OC look at the watermark 57ee26 4440093

Restaurant Names Personal favourites The Codfather Espresso Yourself Balti f02040 4434709

ruthless 11f7ad 4435838 - a short collection of long ones

Squirting My first OC was watching cow and chicken d4f0ef 4428102

Sylvester Stallone s Story Sylvester Stallone s Story 279d48 4438596

trolling lvl Tripe H 3d97b4 3418640

What is a Virgin 3f1592 4436868

Who runs the world Certainly not girls 587b1a 4437732

Worst Alarm Clocks 858a0a 4430536

wow f8227c 4436779 - a short collection of long ones

And this .. this is drawn by a cancer patient . A true story .

My feels story I just wanted to share this with 15fc7a 4430692

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    I wish my car had a pedestrian shovel, then I could just plow through the sidewalks at high speeds without harming anyone

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    Pedestrian shovel really? How could you possibly hit anyone going like 10mph !!!

    Huh.. I hadn't thought of that! :o
    - oscarsylvester February 23, 2013, 2:41 pm
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    some of these were really great!!

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    #23 these fucking feels :(

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    #8 I want that room so bad

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    #8 Welcome to Nerdvana!

    • Curuba
    • February 23, 2013, 3:43 pm
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    Who the fuck is FJ you CHEATING WHORE?!D:<

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    #23 Hits home really hard for me. I lost my best friend Shelby when I was 5 in the hospital with Leukemia. She was the only thing that mattered. Then, one day, I watched as my only friend's lifeless body was rolled out on a stretcher. Her lungs failed in the middle of the night... CJ and Shelby deserve a moment of silence.

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