A short collection #6

20130322 040204 148 179 - a short collection #6

20130525 083133 146 221 - a short collection #6

20130611 033049 167 227 - a short collection #6

20130710 183125 168 242 - a short collection #6

All of my want That bicycle is awesome as fuck d398b9 4485807

comics hermione Harry Potter sex 286871

comics saw rage comics shit 394828

Epic People Epic People http 9lols com 0d318c 4452507

funny pictures atheism auto 504485

funny pictures auto ad compilation 374520

funny pictures auto ad creative 467882

funny pictures auto top gear train 381621

interesting photos explained Warning It s a bit of a read small And 0e370d 4494853

Nick Vujicic ea0741 4533964

Oh Japan Thumb either way Just don t skip blez If I fb4aea 4457641

photo 3D printer nature 784162

Pr0n Movie 46d841 4462967

Run This Ad Pronto 2 Found On Buzzfeed 9f8f74 4517719

sweet ed206e 4535786 - a short collection #6

The best of Cosplay d331c2 4478384

There s no homework in Finland There s no homework in Finland c858ae 4457354

Watching the parents have sex OC of course Never happened to 552d1b 3928384

You Asked for it Source Imgur 695ea5 4679119

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    this was the best one i think!!

    thanks. glad you enjoyed :)
    - oscarsylvester July 15, 2013, 11:48 pm
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    iv seen it befor its cool

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    I was actually angry during reading this

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    #9 is full of contradictory quotes. For one, and the most obvious, is the C.S. Lewis one. Lewis was a Christian, so putting that in with all the rest was odd. That being said, he was making a statement about people who use religion (or Christianity for his example) for evil as opposed to good like it was meant to

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    21 You tell this to me now? Like this is bullshit.. i couldve went to finland for schooling!!

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