A lil bit of everything

tumblr lk7m4wifsz1qcbo9l

tumblr lajh4zssf61qzmf9m - a lil bit of everything

rage comics who declines sex

rage comics penis vs brain

rage comics every freaking day

rage comics dont let them see your weakness

proceed - a lil bit of everything

photobomb that guy untitled

photobomb that guy prom bombin

photobomb that guy gimme dat ass

photobomb that guy dat airborne ass

photobomb that guy chilling in the back seat1

photobomb that guy almost peen

memes parents y u light sleepers

memes blue waffle

memes about to use a common saying google it to make sure its real

koma comic strip i bet the couldnt even flip a five

koma comic strip he what

koma comic strip dont break your wand

hurr durr derp face the power of the derp her friends are now x hotter

hurr durr derp face en nomine derpi et herpi hurr

hurr durr derp face currpcurrk

funny graphs4

demotivational posters yummy

demotivational posters why are my eyes

demotivational posters when life gives you lemons

demotivational posters the government

demotivational posters my house

demotivational posters bikini bottom

chatroulette trolling untitled6

chatroulette trolling thats just wrong

chatroulette trolling one mans trash is another mans baby

chatroulette trolling my new hero

chatroulette trolling hes out in the pasture

chatroulette trolling justine beiber

chatroulette trolling justine beiber

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    hlfttk1307382103 - a lil bit of everything

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    #3 is perfection

    • bmayes
    • June 4, 2011, 9:40 pm
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    I think I died laughing at #35

    To be honest pink is right... Their out of mein kamp'fut zone...
    But seriously holocaust jokes aren't funny... My Granddad died in a concentration camp... He fell out of his guard tower, I'm joking... He only broke a leg.

    - Upsidedownie June 6, 2011, 7:55 am
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    37 made me nearly cry with laughter... Very good post. +3!

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