A fun Computer Prank for Schools/Work

So I’m going to demonstrate step-by-step how to get a few seconds of good laughs out of when that poor idiot next to you leaves with the computer still logged into their profile. You know the type, they walk out of the computer lab to take a Wizz and it’s twenty minutes till they are back, and you’ve got to hold it the whole time. Revenge is sweet…
For added laughs for all of you, I’m going to be demonstrating with one of Dawn’s favorite laptops, since she’s in another room.

To start out, minimize/Exit out of anything that is currently up.

Step 1: Open up an Internet Browser, it does not matter which. Your going to go to google.com and type in on an image search something silly. For all intents and purposes I’m going to go with Gay Midgets, it’s not too bad and it’s still safe for this website, but normally something involving Porn works great. Or if the target is black, try White Power as your search, it’s results are guranteed.

Step 2: Minimize the window so that it shows the desktop, that way they will see it the entire time without messing up the icons.

Step 3: Print Screen / Screenshot, this is the most important step. For some reason my school’s computers hate right clicking, but as long as you use Print Screen the shortcuts built in will let you do the rest.

Step 4: Open up MS Paint or any image program and press down on CTRL and V. That should insert the screenshot. Don’t waste time on this and just save it to My Pictures as whatever the default is. Now exit out of that window.

Step 5: Go into My Pictures and there should be an option once you highlight the file to “Set as Desktop Background”. That’s you end-goal, so set that up.

Step 6: Exit out of anything left or minimize it, go to the desktop so no windows are up, and then turn the monitor off and wait for teh lulz when they get back…

untitled - a fun computer prank for schools/work