A Tribute to the 80's Bully

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    These buttheads, nerds, freaks, and geeks went through a lot of pillows in the 80's because they would cry themselves to sleep every night. Also, Fruit of the Loom made millions from the Atomic Wedgie in underwear sales. I don't know anything about that stuff personally because I was rad, like this kid...
    2510816199 92eec2b366 - a tribute to the 80's bully

    You're stew buttwad!... lmao

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    Haha i remember in kids movies the bullies were fat gingers, now fat gingers are the bullied

    Not cool dude :P
    - GinjaNinja November 28, 2010, 3:05 pm
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    Haha you're right.
    happymadison001 - a tribute to the 80's bully

    odoyle - a tribute to the 80's bully

    O'doyle rules!

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