A Pretty Epic(FREE) flight sim.

Recently, I posted a topic called: My favorite google earth features. unfortunately, everyone seems to hate it, but oh well. This free flight simulator, developed over 10 years ago, may not look as real as other flight sims that cost $50, but for sheer gameplay, selection of aircraft, missions, and planes, this is really epic.

Youre probably wondering why in the hell i wont get to the name of this “oh so epic flight simulator.” trust me it’s coming. even as you read this, you are getting closer and closer to finding the name of it. well here it is: YSflight.

YSflight was started in 2000(or something like that) by some japanese guy(or someone like that).
he developed it, coded it, modeled the airplanes, just made it IT.
so now, it is available for download. there are several maps, over 40 different kinds of aircraft and the ability to control it with the mouse, keyboard, or a joystick.
you can edit the controls however you like, you can choose your view however you like, you can edit your weapons however you like(within reason, duh).
You can fly everything from WWI biplanes to Experimental, futuristic looking aircraft.
You can open up dogfighting missions, create instant dogfights, and just fly around for the hell of it.

Simple Screenshot of me, flying an SR-71 blackbird(by the way, the game comes with cool cockpit views):

sr 71 - a pretty epic(free) flight sim.

The controls are not hard to get used to, but i do NOT recommend using the keyboard. If you don’t have a joystick, the use the mouse. much easier. Some of my favorite planes that come with the original download are the Apache (Helicopter, you can fly those too), the blue angels F 18 hornet.

The original download comes with one crappy fault: shitty paintjobs. the F-14, which, by all rights and means, is a wonderful plane, comes in a nasty turquoise color.
Cue addons.
The most obvious solution to the crappy paintjob problem is to download add-ons. unfortunately, unlike google earth or any thing else, add-ons have to be installed in a special way, and can be a bit daunting to someone new to YSflight. The youtube tutorials blow, so i had to figure it out for myself. to spare you the trouble, i will give you a tutorial on how to install add-ons.

Add-on links can be found on google, or here, in this fan website: http://www.yspilots.com/yspf/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=24

1. First make sure you have a pack of airplanes ready for download. this tutorial works for scenery add-ons too, just so you know.

2. download your add-on pack. for sake of easiness, i will download the Eldorado Pack, Found at this location. click the first link. http://eldorado.s57.xrea.com/dl.html

3. Extract your folder. this will can now bring up the files, and everything you need to install your add-on.

4. in the folder, or whichever folder you get to that has the files in it, you will see various folders and files, but the ones we will be focusing on will be: the folder named aircraft, and air_eee.LST.
list files tell the application where to look to find the files. open up the list file in wordpad, one line will look like this:eee_ys/aircraft/a2194.dat eee_ys/aircraft/a2194.dnm eee_ys/aircraft/a2194coll.srf eee_ys/aircraft/a2194cock.srf eee_ys/aircraft/a2194coar.dnm

5. copy the list file into your “aircraft folder” in your YSflight folder. make sure the name keeps the air_eee. the air_ part says what kind of files they are, in this case, aircraft files.

6. Look at the air_eee.LST again in wordpad. thef ile says for the application to look in the folder eee_ys. so, copy the folder into your YSflight folder.

7. open YSflight. your new aircraft should be in the list of available aircraft.

Some airplane packs have you require a “user” folder. just make one, and paste the username folder such as “lordflash”(just a name of one of the users in my user folder” and proceed as before.