A Pretty Accurate Playthrough of Skyrim

611615 700b - a pretty accurate playthrough of skyrim

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    lol, a few of my friends probably did something close to this, oh and all of there grades dropped about a letter grade

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    My favorite part is "Bury me with my Alduin statue" my friends tell me i have a problem with this game in my defense i haven't skipped any school or called in sick to work or avoided human contact for the most part

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    i'm wondering if he's still alive..

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    WOW... that dudes friend is annoying, let the guy get his Skyrim on FFS, what are you his mom.

    ^sarcasm key was on when I typed this btw

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    He should stop posting all this on facebook and play more skyrim!
    P.S. If you notice at the very very end, it says you just lost the game.

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