A Close Shave

Jonathan Griffiths held his camera just inches away from tigers, bears and cougars as he took the pictures. The 32-year-old endured minus 40 degree Celsius temperatures at a Canadian wildlife breeding reserve as he gained the trust of each animal over two or three days.
He enticed them with meat - mainly chicken - to photograph them close-up in his 15-month project. In one photograph a lion demonstrated its raw power by swiping at his camera and in another shot a tiger left condensation on his lens with its breath. Jonathan, from Egham, in Surrey, only got a camera two years ago as a birthday present from his fiancee with the intention of photographing their newborn son. However, after spending time at the local zoo, Jonathan decided he wanted to take pictures of powerful predators in the wild and researched the best places to spot them.
The currency trader flew to Canada, where he stayed in a lodge by a wildlife breeding reserve. He would wake up at 5.30am each day, trekking off mountain trails in search of snow leopards, wolves and black leopards. A guide at the wildlife reserve stood by his side as he came face to face with some of nature's most dangerous animals to capture them in intimate detail. Jonathan said: "At first I was quite nervous being so close to the animals as I did not know what to expect and they are wild. For Jonathan the scariest moment came when he came face-to-face with a black leopard, "which made me fear for my life and I thought it could attack at any moment. It was was just mean and did not like humans full stop".
"My family think I'm a bit nuts and worry about the consequences if something went wrong. But I just like getting as close as possible to get a different kind of shot."

129 - a close shave

139 - a close shave

1210 - a close shave

148 - a close shave

156 - a close shave

212 - a close shave

410 - a close shave

312 - a close shave

610 - a close shave

510 - a close shave

710 - a close shave

910 - a close shave

1010 - a close shave

810 - a close shave

1112 - a close shave

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  • Math
  • October 14, 2010, 3:05 am
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    this guy must walk around with a wheel-barrel to transport his massive testicles

    i wheel barrel? i'd say a fucking crane
    - Spencerwins2x October 14, 2010, 11:29 am
    - Tremp20k October 14, 2010, 12:35 pm
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    This man deserves a steak that is made out of bacon that is made from strips of bacon-steak.

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    This man, this amazingly ballsy man, needs to go to a surgical place to have his humungus testicals downsized. very good pictures though.

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    Lets all judge that this man has big testicles. Woo.

    • rain42
    • October 14, 2010, 10:39 am
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    Wow... I wish I could do photography like this... :) +3

    • SuDoku
    • October 14, 2010, 10:49 am
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    lolz if only the animals could see there faces they'd be like i know he didnt post this on the internet now theyre gonna be making motivational poster about me >:( nd then all the animals will attack the poor man lolz

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    that lion is just thinking why the hell am i where there is snow?

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    FUCK THAT! I would shit my self every time I would take a picture & the picture would be blurry as fuck from my uncontrollable shaking.
    btw great post math

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