942 ways to know you are addicted to Minecraft.

942 ways to know you are addicted to Minecraft.
You continually refresh Notch's blog for the latest post about the next compatability-breaking update.
You wear a diaper to increase time between bathroom breaks.
You begin to panic when you black screen for more than 10 seconds.
You go to bed in minecraft when you're tired in real life.
You haven't eaten or slept in 24 hours.
You just sit down to mine a few blocks and look up to realize its already been 4 hours.
If you've completed the 404 challenge more than once.
You refresh the mod page hoping for a new mod update to reflect Notch's latest update.
You google "Minecraft addiction".
The only time you see your friends is in-game.
You worry about server griefing while you're offline.
You get excited when Notch releases a demo video about the next update.
You begin dreaming about blocks.
You see a dark area in the kitchen and have the urge to put a torch there.
You smack snow with a shovel and half-expect snowballs to pop out.
You make a website about Minecraft addictions.
You see fog and think about hitting "F"
You look at every building in real life and start seeing it as blocks and measuring it.
You get coal as a gift and think its a good thing.
You are referred by people in real life by your Minecraft nickname.
When you're in public and you hear "ssssss" and you yell "CREEPER!!!"
When you watch too many "Let's Play's" and you begin commentating every move you make.
You are afraid of the dark because you think mobs will spawn.
Your body parts start getting blocky.
You forget to feed your real dog, because you were too busy feeding your pack of virtual dogs...
You hate it when people ask you to eat while playing Minecraft
When it's dark, you try to place a torch.
You re-create your town in Minecraft and live your life in there.
You break all the bones in your hand due to attempting to open doors by punching them.
You see some pesky trees in your yard and think, "I really wish I at least had my wooden axe right now."
You see a stray dog and think, "Dangitt why didn't I bring my bones with me!"
You use Minecraft as a model maker for your dream home/city. (We all have dreams you know)
You hear someone go Uggghh, and you tell your friend, "I think that guy over there is a zombie. Do you have your sword on you?"
You see a beautiful landmark and think, "I bet I could make a cool version of that in Minecraft." And later that night you put a scale replica in you town and say,"Yep, that is as cool as the real Washington Monument."
You see one of those commercial where you sell your used gold for cash, and think, "No way! I'm saving my gold for power rails!"
You're hungry and you think, "Man, I wish I could find a pig right now."
You tested 99% positive for minecraft addiction.
You have submitted over 11 Minecraft addiction jokes to this website. (To whom I thank very much. --Drise)
You try to punch your way through a tree.
You start wondering who people on a server really are.
You begin to view the world as Minecraft.
You punch a tree 5 times hoping it yields some wood.
You try to start a new world IRL because you fell.
You walk into a jewelry store in think "Dang, whish I had a workbench, and a pickaxe".
You hear creeper or zombie noises when you wake up in the middle of the night.
You wonder why a thing doesn't break as easy as in minecraft and why real life is harder.
You start drawing creeper faces everywhere.
You know more about minecraft, than you do in your classes
You suffer from the tetris effect.
You watch Ultimate Survival and Think "I could do alot better"
You start planning what you are going to build the next day, IN YOUR DREAMS.
While fishing you're hoping a fish pops out of the water.
You make cake, but leave the bottle of milk in the mix.
At night you go to bed, lie there five seconds and get up thinking it's day.
You have arachnophobia and begin to see skeletons riding spiders.
You punch pigs when you're hungry.
You punch pigs when you get hurt.
You think Notch is your god and Mojang your church.
You have more then ten Minecraft-related YouTube subscriptions...
You always think with blocks.
You mod your night lights into torches and place them in your house.
When you don't know what to build, you look up famous monuments
You make your own house in Minecraft
You cut part of the bottom of a tree trunk thinking the rest will stay up.
You look at a birch tree in real life and see it as blocks.
When the cat hisses, you run away and come back in 2 minutes looking for the crater.
You give your dog 5 bones just so you can take him for a walk and slap him on the head once to make him sit.
You get arrested for punching sheep.
Your biological clock adapts to Minecraft's 10 minute days and nights.
You see a circle and think "wait, that's not right."
You stay home all day isolated in your room
You start driving minecarts instead of cars
You notice perfectly square brick columns IRL and think, "man, where'd that guy find all that clay?"
Your desktop, mouse cursor, screensaver, and homepage all relate to Minecraft
You start swinging your arms like the minecraft character when you walk.
You are in history class and you imagine the building as if they were built in minecraft
When you bookmark this page.
You walk by sugarcanes and attempt to make a bookcase
You see the sun as a square.
When the server you play on is down you immediately curl up in a corner and cry while playing single player on your laptop with a creeper skin to prevent theft.
When you don't have bread, you align 3 wheats together.
You start eating raw pork.
You try to make friends with wild wolves.
When you stay up late at night starring at your computer trying to find redstone somewhere
You check your backyard mob grinder every ten minutes hopping to find bones and gunpowder.
You jump off a 50 ft tower and hope you land in that 3 ft deep water
You think apples made of pure gold taste delicious
You recreate your real life house in MC, and make better things inside.
You break your head attempting to place a big stone block above you...
You try to organise things in multiples of 4.
You mutter /time day in your sleep.
You attempt to put fires out with your bare hands, then eat cookies until you stop burn ing.
When you say "In Notch's name" instead of "In God's name"
You don't go near obsidian for months because your afraid if you light it on fire it will send you to the nether
When you see a person wearing diamond jewelry IRL, you think, "How the nether did that guy find that much diamonds??!!!" And proceed to ask that person what kind of mining technique they use.
You throw an egg hoping for a chicken to pop out.
You are afraid that your cup of water may flood the kitchen.
You feel strange whenever you see something taller than 64 meters.
You think of the world from a blocky perspective
If you are tired but you can not sleep because it's a day
You fear to go to the woods because you think there are a lot of wolves.
When you will die, you look forward to finally meeting this "re spawn" Button!
You think you can carry 10 billion pounds of stuff in your pockets.
You see a creeper and you piss yourself
You punch the grass on your lawn, and when someone asks you what you're doing, you tell them you're going mining.
The ONLY vehicles you know of, are minecarts and boats. Wooden boats.
You walk on stuff lying around your room, hoping you automatically pick them up.
You listen to minecraft-parodied songs rather than the original.
You Play Minecraft(FULLSTOP)
When diving, you think that you can evade drowning by eating pork really fast.
You dig Diamonds
When you want to make a book stack 3 papers and wait...
You make weapon,and hurt tree!
You start digging a hole and look for caves in real life.
When you see something white in the dark, you think it's a Skeleton.
It gets dark out and you think: "must find coal...)
Your friends make hissing sounds just to makeyou jump.
In math class, your using the calculator to find out just how many cobble you'll need for your next castle.
You always get scared around wooden structures because you think they'll be greifed.
You start finding crafting recipes for common things: Tv:two glass by eight cobble and redstone Pencil: coal and stick Fish tank: two water plus four glass
You try to change pictures on the wall by punching them
You always check your basement for slimes
You walk down the street, saying "THIS TEXTURE PACK IS AMAZING"
You try to hit right click when your real life dog is bothering you.
You picture redstone running through your walls when you turn a light on.
You do research to find out how real life mining compares to Minecraft mining.
You think when you sprinkle ground up bones on to a tree sapling and expect it to suddenly grow into a tree.
You validate 'creeper' as a real animal.
The only animals you've ever known of are cows, sheep, chickens and pigs
You are suprised you get hurt when you make a belly dive from the highest diving platform.
You wonder why the real world is so small and doesn't have snow next to the desert.
You see someone with a checkered shirt and think: Dont tell me you haven't added a HD texturepack.
You think outside the blocks.
Your friend finds you in the garden, in a 5 metre deep hole trying to find iron.
You connect your electrical devices using reddish-black dust.
You place 3 diamonds and two sticks on a workbench and think, "Dang it, why isn't this turning into a diamond pickaxe?!"
You think smashing a saddle on a pig and riding it will make you epic. But the farmer just screams at you.
You go to sleep with your lights on, and wait for everything to get progressively dark before you close your eyes.
You start to make cartoon characters in minecraft.
You think you're dead when you fall 6 feet.
Your "downloads" folder is Full Off Minecraft stuff
You try to attach a stone to your wall and wonder why it falls down.
I Play Minecraft until i can't focus on the screen.
You run away and jump for cover everytime you hear a "Ssssssss" sound, expecting a explosion.
You stuff porkchops and coal into the furnace and hope that 10 secs later a cooked porkchop pops out.
You try to ride a pig on a regular basis
you throw a wooden plank in front of a door and step on it to open it
You can only count up to 64 and then start over at one
Putting a lump of coal on top of a stick you found outside and thinking "Where is my torch?"
You think of redstone instead of wires and minecarts instead of cars.
How many creepers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None cause they dont have any arms.
You sit your dog down and expect it to stay there until you stand it up, no matter how far away you go.
You sprint away from your dog as fast as you can just so you can see it teleport to you.
You plant a seed in the ground, thinking it will be fully grown in an hour.
you try to make bread by mashing up wheat on a work bench
you try to do the /fly command and then brake your face trying to fly
You start to see creepers appearing as flowers in your garden...
You look up at the sky to see which way the clouds are moving in order to determine which way is north.
When you hear a dog bark, you quickly climb over the nearest hill/mountain hoping to find a wolf pack.
Your in geometry and you have to find the area of a square, but you already know it because tis the same parameter as the temple your building.
When you pick up steel tools, you think its iron and and if you have one, whack your diamond ring with it.
You're setting up a minecart track and say, "Mom, can i have some redstone?... or maybe just some stone?"
you ride the mono-rail and think "I wonder where the boosters are?"
You go door to door asking for your neighbors to let you inspect their house to make your scale replica of your town in Minecraft.
You constantly wonder, "How does life not lag with this super high res texture pack?"
You say "/give tnt 999" when you're really board and somehow are not playing Minecraft.
You throw dirt in the air trying to make it float.
You spend your school day making textures.
You read all of these jokes hoping for help.
When someone drops wood, you run away because you don't have a sword or arrows.
You chill
You walk into a library and think "It must've taken a long time to get all those reeds."
You see a water fountain and think "Wish I had some buckets on me."
You're heading out to the store, and check and see if you've got everything you need - Wallet, car keys, list of stuff to get, redstone compass...
You try to find a torch when your room gets dark.
Your Face is a Creeper
You punch trees IRL and wonder why your fist bleeds
You try to establish your house on a floating island.
You change your clock time forward IRL to engage hyperspeed.
You hear about the earth running out of resources and think 'just spawn some, damnit!'.
You sit in class and sketch stuff to build later.
You decide to learn Java just so you could make Minecraft mods.
You see solar panels at the store and explain to your dad how they work in Industrial craft format.
When your parents say 'Come on, we have to go now!' and you said 'Wait a minute, I just need to finish this..'
It is physically impossible for you to eat beef, chicken or lamb.
When you see a dark corner you think "I should put a torch there."
You dig holes in your backyard looking for coal and iron.
you ask your P.E teacher if you can go on a creeper pking field trip
you try programing a mod for real life
you broke your hand cause you needed wood.
You get a job as a miner and bring a sword with you.
When you can tell the time of day by looking at the sun
You feel like you need an obsidian panic room
Your scared that monsters will spawn out of your shadow.
you can eat gold !
You lay your building materials in geometric-grid shapes expecting them to build themselves.
You trade your olex for a clock that only shows day-time and night-time
You burn real pigs and wonder why they don't drop cooked porkchops.
You punch trees in real life to the point where you rage because its too slow without your diamond axe.
you watch bluexephos and then attempt to sing the diggy diggy hole song!
When 64 seems like an important number
you see an ugly building and think "I need a new texture pack"
When you want pork, you go find a pig to kill
When you want to pick something up you start punching it first.
you see a dead skeleton and try to take his bones and arrows
You go and play another game and DIE SKOL AFSOLFAO SLASPÖ
When you see a thunderstorm you become extremely scared of pigs and all things green
when you click on this site.
You smelt your own wedding ring to make gold.
You think you can dig up dirt in 3 seconds
You try and make a diamond pickaxe
Reading this entire list.
You try to change texture packs in real life.
You try to mod real-life.
you think that your render distance is low when it is foggy in real life.
You are terrified of the color green.
You break your door with an axe hoping it's miniature version will drop to the floor to be re-used.
if you see a creeper at your door telling "oh what nice house you got here" you run away telling "panic" and you falling down by dizzy.
You can describe, in-depth, three different mining systems and their varying efficiencies for finding ore.
When the entirety of your absent-minded doodles consist of designs and schematics for mechanisms or new projects.
You look at a building and image what it would be made of in Minecraft.
You beat the crap out of your computer waiting for a small flat pixelated portable version to pop out
You try to collect parts of your house.
you look at your clock or wristwatch and expect it to be half blue with the sun and half black with the moon
You build a clock that only has "Day and Night" on it.
Minecraft its a funny game im right?!
When you hear footsteps you grab the nearest pointy object and hide behind the sofa waiting for the creeper to pop out.
When you go outside you start punching trees
When you make a site to know if you're addicted or not..
Everything is blocky, even your eyes.
You cry for days when you lose your minecraft saves.
You have all the icons from Orion-Pyro
You have memorised all the splash screen messages.
You know about Dr. Leon Sisk's existance from Bobby Yarsulik's song, "PigMen Story" and also know he actually is a real person.
If you get a raging boner after seeing all the dicks on multi player servers... You mite be a faggot.
You see something green and grab out a wooden sword and charge
You crouch to make sure you don't fall off
You start to think of clothing as skins.
You try to find lava for your new house.
you wonder why things on the ground are not popping in to your quickbar
You start to to call yourself Steve and wish you could change your skin.
You are looking for the create a new world button when things go bad on Earth.
You hold shift to not fall from a building
you keep a list of your mod names,just in case there is a new update
you turn your car into a minecart.
You can't make a perfect circle in the real world.
You call your parents pussies because "they disabled hostile mobs spawning".
You walk for ten minutes trying to find a new biome.
You think about digging up the floor and look for iron under it.
When your parents come in the room, you scream, thinking its a creeper
When something happens to your minecraft you cry
When you get bored of minecraft you watch youtube about minecraft or go to the forums
You make a facebook so you can like this page or any other minecraft page.
When you hear Notch has twitter, you delete your facebook, and go on twitter.
Every site you make an account, you use your minecraft name
You don't care about dying because you think you can respawn.
You try to punch cacti without being hurt... ouch!
You keep refreshing this site to see if your joke has been added.
Creepers are green Spiders are black Now your shelter is under attack
You see a beautiful sunset and think "Hey, that's just like Minecraft"
You try to milk a giant squid, and when you fail epicly, you think: "Curse the Beta 1.3 update!"
You cut down a tree in real life, and once you regain conciousness in a hospital with severe breakages in all your bones, you wonder why gravity sudeny started working.
When you see green jello in your fridge, you slash at it wildly with your sword, and later wonder why it didn't multiply or attempt to eat you.
You want to have everything infinite in REAL LIFE.
You play on "PEACEFUL" because you hate that ... SsssSsss......
You start smashing your head at table when Notch release minecraft update and the mod's you really like gets broken.
You never try to catch squid with a fishing rod because you read on MinecraftWiki that it is impossible.
You put a piece of coal on a stick thinking that it will instantly become a torch that never burns out or lights stuff on fire.
When some-one asks you how big your house is, you proudly answer, "Four chunks."
You look at a map of a round Earth and think, "Where are the Edgelands then?"
Your wallpaper is minecraft.
you see a person and think: man, he needs to change skin
You go out in the morning looking for some arrows/bones/feathers
You never go outside for more than 10 minutes.
You try to press e to open your inventory and place your new dirt and rocks in there...
You live in constant fear of your neighbors punching through the wall and stealing all your valuables.
You throw coco beans at a sheep hoping it to turn brown.
You eat nothing but pork chops.
You sit around hoping to see a pink sheep.
You try to swallow apples with 8 cubik meters of pure gold around it, atempting to heal all of your woulds
You try to change your skin if you think you look ugly.
You hit a real crafting table and think a gui will show up and get frustrated by that.
Everyday, you watch at least 2 Minecraft videos
You see the sun and moon as squares
You can carry 81365 cubic feet of stone.
You think bears are a mod.
In real life you think that bookshelves are for decoration only
You can't hold a conversation in real life.
You started thinking electricity works the same as redstone and becomes surprised hearing that wires are circular.
your dream is what you did earlier that day on minecraft
You dream in Java code.
You see a car and go, "How!?"
When you look into a mirror, you think about F5 and i
When you go to the beach you take sand and come home and out it in a furnace
You build your room full-detailed at a scale of 1/1000 (no, really, its scary)
You think "this will make things easier!" when you see floor tiles.
You carry a grid-paper notebook on you at all times.
You cry when your wolf drowns.
when you star a painting and put it on the wall its blank as you forgot that paintings only automaticaly paint themselfs in minecraft
You want to know what texture pack it is when u go outside
You don't understand why your dog in real life doesn't sit when you right-click on it.
When there is a blackout, you try to wire your computer into a redstone torch.
Its a sqaury joke you got there
You hear a tyre hissing and you run away.
You make a site that has a werid name for minecraft addicts
You don't go out at night because you think Zombies will come after you!
You look at your bed and wonder why it isn't red.
You don't get a job because you think you can make your own with self-harvested resources.
You dump a bucket of water on a flat surface and wonder why it doesn't flow towards a hole you placed 7 meters away.
You wonder why your computer has colors other than black and red.
You see a spider and wonder why it's not as big as you are.
You start telling people "I like your skin. Where'd you get it?"
You see a dead person lying on the ground and wonder when they'll respawn.
You wonder how the Empire State Building was built when the sky limit is only 64 meters above sea level.
You See a book IRL and you wonder when Notch will let you write in it.
You have a Minecraft themed birthday with a creeper cake.
You kill an animal and wonder why it doesn't disappear in a poof of smoke.
Whenever there is a thunderstorm in real life, you are scared that monsters will spawn.
You wonder why you don't move upward when you walk into a ladder.
Whenever you get hurt in real life, you imitate that "Ohff" sound that you make in minecraft when you get hurt.
You punch someone and wonder why they don't turn red and jump backwards.
You place a cake in real life, and wonder why punching it doesn't make small portions of it disappear
You start seeing pigs fly through your screen when you're actually riding them off a cliff.
You see a sky scraper and think "that can't be right, the world isn't that high."
You try to break stone with wood.
When you stop listening to the real version of the song and listen to the Noteblock one instead.
You see a rectangle and think: "thats almost right!"
You always bring two extra porkchops when going diving.
When it's dark, you fear that a creeper spawn behind you.
You are actually reading this.... to see if you are addicted.....
You go out in a thunderstorm with a pig waiting for a lightning to strike it so you can have your own zombie pigman
You wonder why your hand gets bloody one you punch things
You make a giant creeper out of wool and fill it with TNT so you can blow it up when a sheep walks near it.
You find some obsidian and try to set it on fire so you can see your deceased grandfather
You never swim in the ocean without a fishing rod because of your perfectly rational fear of fireball-spitting-floating-jellyfishes
You sing the Minecraft "TNT" song everytime you hear Taio Cruz's "Dynamite"
You often get splinters in your knuckles due to the amount of wood-punching you do.
You drink milk by pouring it on the ground.
You start thinking about how epic your house would look with a few creeper traps.
You start raiding graves to make some fertilizer and tame all the wild wolves you come by.
You dig to the core of the earth, and you think you can survive the lava since you have hax on.
When it's dark, you try to /give 50 64.
When you see a shovel and start thinking about starting a mine in your backyard.
you hang up a painting and take it off repeatedly thinking it will be a new painting
You lay 2 sticks and 3 chunks of wood on your kitchen table.
you start putting rocks in your stove.
you try to make a wooden pickaxe out of fallen sticks
You try to put a pumpkin on your head.
you tried and failed to get to the bedrock layer
You find yourself fiddling with sticks and stones on a crafting table
You expect your friend to turn red for a couple of seconds when you punch him.
You look at your wife's jewelry box and say "Yes! I can finally get obsidian!"
Whenever you're wife gets angry, you think of the Charlotte mod and throw a flower at her to make her stay put.
You Try punching a Tree
You see real creepers
You continue to ask to be OP
When you are driving and see the fuel gauge going down you ask your passenger: "Hey, you have any spare coal?"
You use your wives diamond jewlery with sticks hoping for a pickaxe.
You make sure there isn't any way creepers can get into your house before you go to sleep.
You see a tree in real life and immediately calculate how many tools you can make from it.
You accidentally hit your dog and wonder why it's eyes aren't red.
When it starts getting dark you jump in your bed and go to sleep.
You build boats
You put your mom's ring's Diamond on the end of a stick attached to another stick and try to dig with it.
Every day, when you have to go to school, everything looks smooth and hi-resolution, and you think, wait, thats not right
You meet a blind person and think it's Herobrine.
When your motto is thinking outside of the block.
You wish for a minecart every time you need to go somewhere irl.
You cannot go to sleep unless the whole area is sleeping,
you have played more than 10 minecraft adventure maps
You jump into lava thinking you have god mode on.
You sat through this entire list.
Every light in your house has to be on.
Your pulse shoots off every time you hear a bow twang
You expect leather to pop out of a cow after it dies.
You find diamond in real life and try to make armor out of it.
You disassemble your computer and look at your motherboard: 'Woah, the guy who created this deserves a free internet.'
When youre stuck, you think you can just jump and put some dirt under you.
You keep your old computer because it has all your minecraft saves on it and you dont have a USB stick.
When you get greifed you start to treat everyone on the server as greifers. (even admins/ops)
You need a pick axe, oh wait, yes I have in my backpack
You have read the entire 'Art of war' thread on the forums and actually understood it.
When you see something ugly you think "Man i need to change my texture pack".
You feel like pressing shift-f whenever a game lags.
When you know the exact circumstances for leaves not to decay in alpha.
You think real spiders are midgets
When you get told that riding pigs is apparently a bad idea.
When your wolf says CREEPER than cry!
you walk up to people and hit them so you can take stuff of there dead bodies
you can survive a head on collison with a minecart going at full speed
You are still reading this
You see tree's waving in the wind. You say, " Thats not right..." .
You place a rock against the wall and when it drops, you wonder if it was gravel.
You're drawing minecraft figures all over your homework.
You shout "HAX!1!!!1!" when someone runs by faster than you can walk.
You attempt to re-texture IRL.
When your bored you try to add a mod.
You make a house dedicated to crafting
You try eating 10 un-cooked porkchops and wonder why you got sick.
You are no longer impressed by gold medals.
When you see a pig get hit by lightning in real life, you expect it to turn into a Zombie Pigman.
You refuse to take trigonometry because is it based upon heresy. (circles)
You stab a a sheep with a sword and the wool doesn't fall off, you call the president and tell him to fix the bug.
when you watch movies you think: ''c'mon just jump in the water it will be ok''
You know what a creeper actually is...
I guess you can say that Minecraft is pretty.. *Sunglasses* Top Notch.
You call yourself steve.
you think you have to press ''T'' before talking to someone
You read all this stuff here.
All your friends were made through Minecraft.
You get on minecraft at 6:30 then someone asked you what time it is and look at the clock and it says 5:45...
you have attempted to ignite a living pig in an attempt to cut out the time it would take to cook it's pork
You go out at night and worry,"Am i gonna get eaten by zombie"
You see flowing water and think "I'm going the other way"
You jump off a building, thinking you can eat an apple later.
You end up breaking your neck from looking up to see where the sun is.
You we're mining on a cave when you saw 50 creepers chasing you and you won.
You avoid moss stone because you are afraid that a dungeon might be near
The only way you spend time with people is on SMP.
You read every single one of these.
You see a TV and wonder how the redstone circuitry works.
You know every block id.
When you get stuck, you jump up and punch at the ground continuously, but no dirt appears.
You've burned down your house trying to create a Nether Portal.
In Geometry class, you suggest you spend a little more time on cubes.
You were sleepy and punched your bed.
you expected a mere metal bucket to hold a cubic meter of lava.
You poured a bucket of water on top of a mountain and were disturbed by the fact it didn't create a waterfall
you tried to carry 2,301 cubic meters of sand.
you punch things to pick them up.
You are afraid to go within a 5-meter radius of sprinklers.
You search all the sports channels looking for a Spleef match that's going on.
When Creeper stops meaning the guy who's a creep.
You cant stop listening to the "Form this way" yogcast music video.
When you hear a lot of sizzling and yell 'CREEPER GANBANG!'
You have several Minecraft related apps, even ones that do nothing like the Redstone torch app.
your watching TV and you wonder how to make it with redstone
You Punch Trees in your backyard When you want a new house
You look at grass IRL when your low on seeds in Minecraft and say "Dangit, I should've brought my hoe."
You get home from a car trip, cautiously walk into your dark house, and jump out in every room swinging a stick around in case there are creepers who have spawned, and then go to sleep with every light in the house turned on.
You have dreams about Minecraft updating.
You're constantly dissapointed with modern architecture, because you know you could build better in-game.
you look at a cow and wonder how much leather will drop
You hear groans and run only to find out that it was only your big brother
You jump off a high cliff into shallow water thinking you will be just fine by hitting jump.
You see a forest and think "I can build a wood fortress!"
You refer to Notch has "The Creator".
You always place your hands on the AWSD keys and mouse while waiting for stuff on your computer to load.
You refresh this page constantly to see if your joke has been added yet.
You get a watch thinking it shows a sun and moon.
Youve actually read all of these, shame on you...
You think that a creeper caused the Haiti earthquake.
You made Minecraft forums your homepage.
You see a jellyfish and run for your life, thinking that it will blast you with flaming snowballs.
You see strange landforms in real life and think "HEROBRINE".
You try to punch a tree in real life, hoping to get wood, but then you're just disappointed.
You never go underground in case of the Obsidian Skeleton.
You put cactus in the oven, then hope to dye sheep green with the resulting paste.
You go to a graveyard and punch the bodies expecting to get feathers.
You think that spiders won't bite you in the daytime.
You try to shear a sheep with snowballs.
You swim in shark-infested waters thinking that you're safe because you don't have Mo creatures on.
You put four pieces of sand in a grid formation expecting to get sandstone.
You put a log on a workbench expecting to get planks IN REAL LIFE.
you watch commentary by slyfox and yogscast everyday.
It has been 10 minutes and your wondering why the sun hasn't started to go down.
You think cages are Mob spawners
You light a steel cage on fire and put a model of a pig inside expecting swine to be created in puffs of smoke.
You think worshipping Notch is a religion.
You can't read normal clocks.
You go to a shop asking to buy some redstone
You pay people gold instead of money.
Whenever you hear somebody say "skeleton" you pull out your OWN bow and arrows.
You put bones on a workbench hoping to get Bone Meal to grow plants.
you go to the store and ask for 64 cobblestone
You read through 476 Minecraft addiction jokes...
You dream about entering a portal made of obsidian
You start to smack some trees with a piece of meat, hoping it'll magically break and drop some wood.
You start smacking the diamond in your marriage ring hoping you can use it to forge something more useful.
you throw dyes at a sheep hoping the wool will change colors
You kill a spider and hope it drops two string
You submit your jokes to this page just so you can have more to read.
You think spheres are a goverment conspiracy
you go swimming and just before you drown you eat pork
You change texture pacl to make real life look cooler.
You have a nerdgasm when you see a video or picture of Notch and start worshiping your computer.
Punch your dog and expect it to sit.
You dont want to go to hell because you dont want to fight ghasts and pigmen
you shove sticks together and hope for a ladder
you shove a ton of sand and a lava bucket in your oven when your window breaks, and your mum screams at you harder
You punch sheep and get in trouble.
You have made a Notch fan page.
It has been 7 minutes and you wonder why its not day yet.
You try to make a mob trap in real life.
You kill cows and wonder why any leather isn't dropping.
You blame a skeleton for killing Osama bin Laden
You get scared because half the jokes on this site are true for you
You've got a 500 ko text document full of miecraft server IPs
You watch the cows and pigs and think "Why the heck aren't they jumping up and down?!"
You asked a Electrician about working with Redstone IRL.
You punch TNT and are surprised when it doesn't explode.
You're on minecraftanonymous.com.
Try to stop falling by holding crouch. It's Portal 2.
You start digging strait down in real-life hoping to find diamond.
When you hear SSSSS You Freak Out.
You attempt to carry mountains of stone in your pockets.
You wait for the next update in real life.
you think you can shoot 64 arrows in a matter of seconds
expect fire on a stick can last forever
You turn on all your lights cause you think a zombie will spawn
you deny that you're addicted to minecraft.
When somebody asks you what you're wearing, you press F4.
When you google items in minecraft to see if they are real.
When you are checking out at a clothing store, you say, "Do you have a creeper skin on hand?"
pigs are people too and they grow porkchop trees
Think wood is flame resistant if you cut it in half
Watch a video from youtube saying there are dragons in minecraft. Comment this ''Goto .minecraft looks in resources Guy: OHH look theres no DRAGON! goto c.nerd.nu AlLink: Everybody the dragon is a lie! Admin: o.0 you are now banned from this server.
If your in a tough situation you think "what would steve do?"
You can`t stack pork in real-life.
You shove chickens off cliffs to watch them fly down.
You Just read all the above ones
You Explore Real Life Caves More Then You Used To
You fall asleep for about 3 seconds, wake up, and wonder why it is still night time.
You think you can craft a wooden pickaxe and mine rock with it.
You dig kilometres downwards hoping to find diamonds.
I bet you 5 bucks your reading this right now.
You feel giddy when you can hop a fence IRL
put an piece of gold in your oven wait a couple of seconds and make a golden shovel of it
You think that a compass always points to home
you put wheat and cocoa beans in the oven and you expect some cookies
When the sun is starting to go down, you go punch your bed a few times, and say: "You can only sleep at night, You can only sleep at night, You can only sleep at night..." and then go sleeping.
You get surprised when a commpas dosent point to your bed.
You see circles and yell BLASPHEMIE!
You've read every joke above this one.
You kill someone and wonder why no items dropped.
You find some gravel IRL, and think there is going to be a sinkhole once you dig it.
You start to think diamond IRL isn't as rare as people play it up to be
You start to sound like Steve when get hurt
You have OCD
You go to the store and ask for a diamond pick.
You build a lava moat around your house and tell your neighbours "AWARE OF THE CREEPERS"
You think the military modded in their guns.
You are satan.
You drop sand on your head and expect to take damage.
You start hopping aimlessly
When you think about opening your own cobblestone factory by putting running water and running lava together.
You crouch to avoid falling off that cliff
When you see someone dressed as a creeper you get a stick and smack the creeper to death hoping to get gunpowder.
you shoot your arrows in the air sometimes saying HEYO creepers KO
You contracted Blockoid, making you see the world in 1x1 squares
you want to put on new clothes and you try to find the change skin button
You start saying ssssssss in real life.
You actually spent the time to read all 476 of these.
When you see someone with a phone and ask how they crafted it.
you look for creepers to hug every day
You try to punch a tree, but it won't break and you wonder why
you try to make a plane but then realize the mods not updated IRL
The first thing you think in the morning when you are getting dressed is: "what skin do I want to use today"
you are actually pissed when your friend dose not share there mods with you.
When your computer chair is a minecart.
You give a wolf a bone but you wonder why a red collar did not appear on it
you get a mod to put people in the game, then edit the textures to make them look like people you know in real life.
You feed bones from a skeleton to a wild wolf(in real life), hoping to use the wolf to kill mobs.
You see spider webs and think, I didn't know beta 1.6 was out already!
If you think you were born on sand...
You go to an electronic store and ask for 22 reapeters and 125 redstone.
You pick up items and suddenly realize you don't have an inventory.
You scream when you can't find your respawn area.
You think Crayons are Redstone.
You go to Home Depot asking for a diamond axe and 2 stacks of logs
You think in 8-bit.
you keep looking over our shoulder for creepers - THERE EVERYWHERE :(
you make a workbench
When you set yourself on fire, and walk away thinking the fire will go out
You never visit hospitals for any injuries because your fridge is filled with pork.
You wear cyan clothes because then you feel like you are wearing full diamond.
You picked up a bucket of water and dumped at a huge empty container, hope that water will generate itself and fill up the container
When you play other games where there are enemies (CS) when you hear a noise you press F3 and look around :(
You play multiplayer!
You try to find apple tree
Getting texture pack and don't know what flower lokks like. is that creeper???
You watch all 20 Seananners' Minecraft videos... More than once... Plus the two bonus videos
You fly all the way to Sweden just to kiss Notch's feet
You like Mojang so much that you've signed up for Scrolls
You can perfectly play the Minecraft tunes with any instrument, including Note blocks
You don't like green. SSssssssssssssss!
You wonder how do you're able to lie on bed. It's 13:15!!!
You're an ape and you're trolling around when you get chocolate from parents. OMG CHOCO BEANS!!!1
When you get up suddenly you're looking around for monster.
In Halloween, when you see somebody in zombie costume DING-DONGING to your house, you do OSHTOSHIOSHIT and you're throwing egg at him.
You're putting meat in furnace and wonder why it's black, burned crap after some minutes.
You wonder why saplings doesn't grows. OMFG LAGZZZZ!!!1
You're the happiest man when you see Notch one one of MC servers. WOLOLOLO TROLOLOLO WOOOOOOW, It's real Notch! Notch I love you! Give me diamonds! Notch Notch NOOOOOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
You spend two months at breaking tree by hand, and another two in hospital with broken hand.
You think you're greatest fan of MC.
You're hitting coal with stick, wondering why it's not turning into torch.
You don't remember where spawn is.
You piss water blocks
You got a pigcreeper
You herp the derp a little more for each block you derp
When you see a green bin you shout creeper
You're afraid of the darkness...and going to sleep with the lights on,dragging your bed into the middle of the room.
Whenever you travel to a beach you wonder to yourself if you just respawned
You venture into caves hoping for diamond and lava
You try to make bread with 3 wheat and wonder why it still looks like wheat.
You think Wal-Mart is INV Edit
you use obsidian to build a portal to the nether
You usually travel in town searching for inspirations to your buildings in Minecraft.
When your elbows hurt from too much playing on your laptop
You hear a bus stop and and panic looking around for a creeper.
You try to put a torch on the wall at night.
You light a single log between stones and light it, expecting it to burn indefinately
You read all of these horrible examples
You think about digging the ground hoping to find some diamonds or a cave.
You Start punching trees and wonder why you don't get any wood
You try to ride a pig to the end of the cliff.
You slice your dog with a kitchen knife and you hope for a block of fur.
You try to use your mom's diamond necklace as a dangerous weapon.
Trying to figure out a way to use Algebra in minecraft.
You destroy Diamond Ores with a wood pickaxe.
On weekdays you drive to work in a minecart, or you forget to go to work because you were playing minecraft
You are asked to bring cake, and you say no because you think it's a lie
You challenge a guy in a skeleton costume to a bow-and-arrow duel
You moved your bed away from any wall
At night, you keep whispering to yourself: "There are no such things as Spider Jockeys"
You try to collect lava with a bucket
You attempt to put a saddle on a pig and ride it.
You mark 11/11/11 (the final release date) on your calendar
You think Creepers caused 9/11
You want to work for Mojang
You get a passport, buy some plane tickets, gather your belongings, and move to Sweden
You think computers are powered by redstone
You start punching trees irl
You add on to this list.
When you hear noises you try to press F3 IRL.
You think that its possible for one man to create an entire mine by himself, with nothing but a pickaxe and a gargantuan amount of torches.
When your having sex, your like, there isn't enough pixels.
You spend days looking for your original spawnpoint.
Your playing minecraft as u read this.
You have your own real life item menu.
You know how to make a functional and accurate clock with complex redstone circuits.
You tell your friends about your diamond mine.
You cut open battery's for red stone.
You try to make a torch by scraping a stick against some coal and you burn down your house.
You are upset when the OneStopModShop isn't updated.
You hug a creeper and it says Sssssss BOOM
You try to run away when you see a creeper shaped bush...
When you get lost you jump off a cliff hoping to appear next to your bed.
You try to use a flying mod IRL but fail.
You think everything is made out of tiny blocks that formed when your life started.
Whenever you go to the beach, you always pick-up some Sand and run around looking for creepers to make TNT.
You try to stick 3 diamonds to eachother, then to a stick
You noticed the copyright.
You watch the yogscast
You play minecraft on your pc and wonder how many redstone repeaters are required to build one yourself
You look up in the sky to find non-rectangular clouds.
When you know how to build a computer with redstone yet you can't help your friend use notepad.
Whats the new type of creeper? ...Do the creep, ssssssssssSSSssss and do the creep ssssssssSSSSsssssss
Your always waiting for new jokes to be posted so you can have more ways to prove your addicted to Minecraft.
Watching a diamond and say: "I need to mine more to get more diamond!!"
You watch Yogscast's "The Shadow of Israphel" series on youtube.
I dont like creeper
Fishing villages aren't in your fishing village. Unless they are.
You like Minecraft.
You only draw in pixels
Team Avolition deserves ice cream.
You think you can go to war with some sticks and meat.
You don't have sugar? OMG, go to nearest river/lake/somethingwet. You'll find some sugar canes.
You think you can easily climb up the mounain tall for 2k meters. Uffff!
You hate cheaters but you're one of them.
when you get up you think "time day" or "time 1"
You accidentally burn down your real house with a flamethrower since you thought you had backups of it.
You mastubarte your self while seeing Charlotte (Female Companion Mod)
When you only think you have to eat IRL when you get hurt
You say to your mom : I can't go to school today, its server is down !
When you are addicted to minecraf you play it Alot :)
When you get mad at someone you wish you could send a creeper to their house
You played some many hours of minecraft non stopped that your bed looks even pixelated.
You try to mod Minecraft, but you blackscreen.
You punch leaves in order to get saplings
You destroy your dog's cage because you think monsters will spawn out of it.
You say stupid things about life.
You want Minecraft so bad you get a pirated version until you can afford the real version
You die in lava just to get rid of your bad items.
You can store 64 chests... In a chest.
You step on spiders, expecting string to pop out.
You start dumping sand and gunpowder together and hope for a block of TNT
When you wonder why the Minecraft update isn't on the news.
IRL you set a tree on fire.
When you think of 11.11.11, you don't think of Skyrim, you're thinking of MINECRAFT.
You destroy your boat and wonder why it's not a minature version to pick up.
Your still reading this EVAN THOW YOU KNOW YOUR ADdicTEd
You have read every single page in the minecraft wiki
Your walking outside, see a wolf, and try to give it a bone you always carry in your pocket, in case this happens.
You punch your best friend to death than look for coal.
You have a whitelist at your house because your scared a noobs going to run in and burn down your house.
You kill yourself, expecting to return to your spawn.
You make a portal from nearest and hardest material that you can find and then you try to set it on fire to make it work.
You drink milk by pouring it out on the floor.
645. if you suck
Seach for Minecraft app for Ipod so you can play everywhere.
You enter a room with a dark ceiling area and begin to cringe at the threat of Para-Creepers.
You stare at a cow attempting to see the pixels in it's skin. Then you actually see them.
You plan to go to MineCraftCon 2011
You punch your brother and try to get your pet dog to kill him.
Jumping up one meter becomes very easy for you...
You try to light obsidian on fire!
When you punch a sheep, you are surprised wool doesn't come off.
You have read through 644 minecraft addiction jokes.
You this page is a shitititititititititiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipupupupaspooppopopopopomegutacomecacaaaacacacacacacamierditaskd`pedopedopedopedodooodododod
When you start to punch all of your family,because you think PvP is on.
You warn about creepers to your dog IRL
Punching trees gives you hard wood.
You carry your bed around in your pocket, just in case
Getting on during Monday at 6 AM to do last minute redstone wiring before schools starts, then looking at your clock and it reads "Wednesday, 7 PM" yet you just don't care.
If you see blocks everywhere IRL
You are reading this all :D
You see creepers out of the corner of your eyes.
When you heard Osama Bin Laden died you celebrated in minecraft
You set forest fires because you can replant saplings.
When a robber enters your house and tells you give money you think (DAMN grieferz!!!!..%)
You try to open your door with a wooden plate
You always have spare pork in inventory.
You start to wear minecraft related clothing.
You think your body is made for pixels
You smell like poop
Your joke was terrible, play Minecraft.
You believe Columbus was wrong and that the world is flat.
When you try to find a shop called "Minecraft Skindex"
You start looking up Rule 34 of Minecraft.
You try to make a Log into 4 planks with your bare hands.
You noticed that about half of these are repeats.
You are still reading this.
When you go to turn the game off you don't see the exit button
You hear a crack and shout "SKELETON!"
When you forget the keys to your flat you try to smash your way through the wall
You make a creeper costume and scare your friends everyday.
You wonder why those pork chops you have had in your pocket for a week smell funny
You look around for moss covered stone.
If you take a creeper up in a girls ass you get blue wafles.
you laugh at Pythagoras, diagonal lines, when would you ever need that
You are thinking of ways to ask your friends if they play Minecraft.
Your right mouse button barely works anymore. Derp. :I
When you see the moon you panic.
You put TNT in your crawlspace.
You punch a bull to harvest leather and do not expect resistance.
You add something to this list and it turns out that the thing you're about to add is already on the list.
Whenever you hear 'hero' you scream, "HEROBRINE???? IS HE REAL??"
You die and after a few hours, you think "lets go and get my stuff back."
Chuck Norris Nuff said..
when you tried to punch grass
You start to guess how many blocks tall a room is.
You start mining for diamonds with your fists.
You try to fit 64 pieces of wooden planks inside a handbag.
You dig down and wonder why you suffocated
You make spider or creeper noises when you're bored or during an awkward silence.
You think compasses don't point north.
You go to the local quarry and laugh at their pitiful attempts to outmine you.
You walk around outside looking for torches at garbage cans.
You enthusiastically start to dig down when you see some moss on a stone...
You Brake open a jar looking for "Meta-inf"
You sleep in 7 minute cycles
You attempt to make HUGE lego blocks and chop of the pegs before textureing them for your brand new real life minecraftgame
You search creepers for TNT to blow up Mojang.
You think your family are creepers
You've tried porting Minecraft to some other platform
You try to punch a tree with our hand.
When u see an old man you say "why does he use a old man skin?"
You've replaced every lightbulb in your house to a torch, because the "Electric Bulb was redstone.'
You overuse tons of jokes on your website.
When You Realise That 622 Was Actually A Portal Refrence.
Someone invites you to a party, so you enter the address into Minecraft.
You hear an explosion and you thought it was a creeper
you are reading all of this 645 jokes
You go out every day with a diamond sword and some pieces of pork and went searching for creepers
All your pictures become pixilated
You think a zombie is going to attack when you are sleeping
You watch a minecraft video and you try to click on singleplayer with your mouse.
You always try to kill people
You've buyed a shovel and pickaxe.
After Sitting In Your Yard You Try To Mine For Iron And Break Your Wrist
You try to start building a ladder from sticks and making a castle in a tree.
You don't know anymore examples because you keep telling yourself you aren't addicted
You build your house with wool
you try to make a crafting table with wooden planks.
There are cows in your backyard
You try to make wool out of nine pieces of string.
In real life, when you want to ask the world something you press Enter on your keyboard when the port is in the dirt thinking the world will see what you said.
When your car breaks down, you start chanting /home, and /spawn.
You start to wish that you could start building your house out of "dirt blocks"
You spend hours on end making traps and drop collectors
you Try to Play Minecraft on an 8 bit RedStone Computer in Minecraft.
You only ever loged in to Mine craft You Never plan to loged out.
You Do Not Belive Tryangles can exist.
In the begining There was Nothing Then a Huge Bang Notch the Creator of all we Know came in to existance. over the next 7 days notch invented doors , glass , Sand ,Fire , Stone , Axes , AND The almighty CRAFTING BENCH.
Youre house is filled with Chests and broken PicAxes. but no chairs or Tabbles.
You visit this site.
You spilled your cup of water and the whole room get flooded irl.
You think if you travel to far away from home it will dissapear.
You don't beleve in triangles.
You get annoyed at the bad or repeated jokes here.
you google minecraft paercraft
You think frogs are non-existant
You freak out when you find a girl.
You see a ocean and say " I wonder where all the squids are?"
You find a building made of stone and think: "Wow that guy had a lot of coal!"
You try to get a texture pack in real life.
you've red this list long enough to 800th.
If you punch ice in real life, and still don't get ice. (i actually did this one lol)
You read this whole page. (800th joke!)
You ninja someone's sheep with a butter knife and then find you can eat sheep too.
You walk with your dog and hit a vow and wonder why your dog isn't killing the cow
spheres are a walk in the park
Your scared of the dark because a creeper might spawn in your bedroom and blow up your house
You Know The Plural For Penis Is Peni
When you think you can re-spawn so you jump of a building
You make a joke here...and bother to spell correctly.
You removed the staircase in your house to make a place to sit, then stole signs from various public venues to make armrests.
You Shit On Your Pants And Eat The Shit Thinking its a cooked porkchop an yu kan it yur chit bicos is delishos yo me la it todo el day and is delicho
You put dirt by grass and wait for grass to spread.
you duck for cover when you hear a crow caw and think someone is shooting at you with a bow.
You spend 1:47 minutes reading every single last one of these jokes.
You hug creepers
You think the game is your life and your life is a game.
The Fact That Your On The 800th Joke....
You ride a minecart at night beliving everyone around you is a zombie
In real life you put two singns on a stairs and think it's a fotel.
You add a joke on this site.
You continue reading the "Addiction" jokes to prove that you'r not addicted.
You hit stone with your hands and wonder why no cobblestone has popped out.
You tile your bathroom with coloured wool.
When you attempt to fly a pig of a cliff
You follow a person because they say they have cookies.
Notch see you
If you read this do not click the Link!: www.youtube.com/user/Zacguy22Reborn/
You sleep with lights on,because you fear that monsters will spawn when you sleep.
You fill up your chests with diamonds
You ask notch to build the sound barrier for you.
when you see a table your middle finger starts to twitch
You visit this site Twice!
when you see a ball/circle you say "WITCHCRAFT!"
100. You have a redstone computer in you house.
You make models of hostile mobs to scare people.
You have made a house of every kind of block possible.
You write a joke here and find it racist...
800. You loook for cubes in circles
you read 799 other ways to know you are addicted to Minecraft.
That you believe Jesus is the son of Notch.
When your dog's tail is down, you give him Bacon.
You are scard to play on hard
You Realize that there are now 700 jokes
You see cubes everywhere
You make a drowning trap at a holiday resort to try and get some rare loot.
You imagine versions of other games with Minecraft graphics.
You mine at your backyard
You find a lot of red stones and align them to try and make a circuit to open your door.
It doesnt matter if you love notch or herobrine you will allways be addicted :)
you begin to fuck creepers
When your scared when you are going to bed, because hostile mobs might spawn in the dark.
golden wang
You have nightmares about digging holes straight down.
When you see zombie movies with your friends, you say: "hey! he killed that guy! he didn't drop feathers!"
You think dirt can float in real life.
You are like whats minecraft addiction?
You think (why wont mine appear here?)
You wonder why a miniature door does not appear when you chop your door down.
Whenever you see a Chicken you punch it for feathers
You get 100% positive on the test
You read 800 different "you might be addicted if. . . " jokes on this site while playing Minecraft.
You read all 800 jokes
You try to open your inventory.
Fuck with the creeper in your bethreoom
When your cat hisses at night you think its a creeper so you run outside grab your cat and go into the dark basement but then you think "What am i doing a monster will spawn!!!" so you run to the mountains to find coal for torches but you don't have a pick so you go punch some trees for a few days you fall asleep and wake up in a hospital strapped to a bed.
You're adopted.
You wonder why you cannot scale walls with water
You try to break stone by punching it with meat/
Lol test
The cake is not a lie...
You try to make a texture pack for the real world.
Never go to Nether
800. You wonder what minecraft addiction is
When you're in the forest and hear a snake you start yelling "Creeper!"
You wonder why this isnt minecraft font
You kill a pig expecting pork to come out.
You think that the moon rises after the sun sets.
When you think some of these arent very good...
You Break adminum using a creeper
You move at exactly 4.37 m/s and you understand this joke.
You throw some random stones and coal into your oven expecting a meter-sized cube of solid rock to come out.
You dig down 6 feet and find solid rock.
You meet Obama and ask to become OP
You start a server for a party
You saw Herobrine
You ride pigs
You know how to make a perfect circle out of cubes.
You think 925+ Minecraft-based jokes you read will give you ideas for even more Minecraft jokes on this page...
You think the people of Skyrim will crash SMP servers on 11/11/11
You're deathly afraid of steam and any noise it may make.
Just being on this page means you're addicted.
You crush some roses, go to a farm, and try to dye a sheep to get extra red wool.
You have sudden urges to hit the ground looking for 'Ore'.
You try to get in your bed IRL then a text appears and says you can only sleep at night.
If you hear a sssssss....you run away.
You think you can fly when saying /fly
You wonder why you dont go super fast when saying /setspeed 50
You want to renovate your house and start breaking bricks with a pickaxe while thinking you will receive the bricks back.
you smash a pig in real so you get his meat
You didn't even need to get tested to know you're addicted to Minecraft.
You don't stop submitting sentences here.
You use bonemeal to grow trees.
You wonder, why the compass don't points in the direction of your spawnpoint.
You search slimes under your bed.
You aren't addicted to minecraft.
When you see a creeper outside your door and push the closest thing in front of you 3 feet.
You think your girlfriend is charlotte from the charlotte mod.
You always wear a blue shirt
You broke your arm trying to cut down a tree. When you've finally done it you wonder how it's possible that whole tree falls down when you cut only one block.
You throw some lava in water and then wonder why there's no cobblestone.
You broke some iron things from your kitchen hoping you can make sum armor.
You spam on single player.
you add a joke here
you converted to creeperism (the worship of creepers) and hope you will be imune to explosions
You look at your room at night and pray that a zombie won't spawn and attack you in bed.
when you punch your friend 20 times and wonder why he is not dead yet
You know your a Minecrafter when you try to craft in the real world.
you think of what your going to build next while in math class
When you listen to The Shaft Podcast, and laugh every time they say "Poop Block" :)
When you build geometric shapes in Minecraft and make up problems for them to help you study for a geometry test.
You try to add mods to real life.
You talk about your adventures every day in school
You continually make buildings every world you have
You avoid traveling too far because you don't want to sink in the far lands.
You read all 900 jokes on this page.
You memorize the data values of all the minecraft items.
When you punch a tree IRL
You reuse jokes in this list and feel important.
you begin to punch your wall and when your parents ask what you are doing you say " i'm re-organizing

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    TLDR... but I agree :)

    #1 and 2 sounded good... thats about as far as i got
    - MIKYTEY May 21, 2011, 6:45 am
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    #432 is my favorite >:D Go ahead, try find it. I dare you.

    its easy. just copy and paste into a word document, then use that to find it
    - bufus101 May 21, 2011, 9:11 am
    OH snap!!
    - tbart2010 May 21, 2011, 4:29 pm
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    #943 you read all 942 reasons
    #944 you didn't read all 942 so you could go play minecraft

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    Too busy playing Minecraft to read all this.

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    tl;dr. Can't afford Minecraft anyway.

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    it drives me nuts i bought it but i cant play it on my computers they are so shitty and i dont have the money to get some new ones yet

    wow, your addicted
    - BEASTY May 21, 2011, 3:46 pm
    you have to play it to become addicted it was to damn laggy
    - Tremp20k May 21, 2011, 3:53 pm
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    I was looking through this and saw something that got me thinking... Obsidian Skeleton...

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