7 Tips For a More Motivational Office

The last couple weeks’ worth of posts have been about nitty gritty search engine optimization and linkbuilding topics. I thought it would be fun to change things up a little bit today and talk about creating an office that motivates you. We talk a lot about staying motivated, but sometimes something as simple as reconfiguring your workspace is all you need to become more motivated. So here are 7 tips for a more motivational office.

1. Feng Shui – I’m not necessarily the biggest believer in pseudosciences like feng shui, but at the same time, how can placing objects harmoniously in your workspace be BAD? Some feng shui tips for an office include having water somewhere in your office, keeping your doorway clear of obstacles, placing symbols representing your goals where you can see them, and placing evidence of your achievements where you can see them. All of that seems pretty reasonable for someone who wants a more motivational office.

2. Clear the clutter – This could probably be a subtopic of the feng shui tip, but it’s a big deal. The easiest tip I ever learned about avoiding clutter is to have a place for everything, and put everything in its place when you’re not using it. Keep that in mind all the time, and you’ll never have to deal with clutter in your office again. And it’s hard to stay motivated and positive if you feel like a slob, so go ahead and get that office cleaned up.

3. Make the environment pleasant – Lots of ways to do this. Play music you like. Make sure it smells good. (I like candles, myself.) Get a really good chair for your desk. Keep fresh flowers visible, or plants. All of the little steps you can take to keep your environment please and comfortable will keep you positive and energized.

4. Single Task – This is more of a way to conduct your work than it is a way to keep your office motivational, but if you single task instead of multi task, a lot of the other stuff related to having a motivational office will fall into place. Work on one thing at a time until it’s completed, then move on to the next thing. Sounds crazy in today’s world, but it’s the most effective way to focus your energy.

5. Take frequent breaks – From time to time, 4-8 times a day, step away from your desk for a little while. Stretch. Take a walk. Clear your head. It’s impossible to focus and be motivated if you’re suffering from injuries related to sitting in one spot and one position for hours on end.

6. Artwork – Some people really love those motivational posters, but I tend to lean toward original paintings in my office. I have a beautiful painting of Bela Lugosi as Dracula, and another painting of Stephen King. But my office is in the back of a horror books store, so that’s somewhat normal where I am. If you’re a poker fan, there are plenty of artwork options, including multiple versions of dogs playing poker.

7. Ventilation – Make sure your office has decent ventilation. Stale air just sucks, and how are you supposed to stay motivated in an environment that’s stuffy and stale? Buy a fan if you need to. Make sure you have a window that opens if at all possible.

You’ll notice that this article includes 8 links out to other sites. Contrary to some of the discussion in the forums, people really do link to good content without being asked or being paid.