7 Unbelievable Facts

This is how a water drop bouncing in a few microseconds looks like. We wish this gif could just continue to zoom in on the smaller droplets forever and ever. This is so beautiful.

Lake Hillier, is a pink lake on Middle Island, located in Western Australia (Coordinates 34°5′45″S 123°12′10″E). The pink color is permanent, and won’t change if you take it out in a bottle. The width is 250 metres (820 ft) and the length is 600 metres (1,969 ft).

pink lake

This 102 year old abandoned ship is now a floating forest. You can find it in Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia. Beautiful.

If someone developes two irises, coreas, and retinas all in the SAME eyeball, they have a condition called “Pupula Duplex.” This leads to a huge increase in the amount of visual information that the person is able to take in, as well as vastly improved focus. This might sound like it’s made up, but this type of mutuation has even been seen on Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not,” where evidence was shown that even the Chinese emperor Liu Ch’ung ‘suffered’ from this condition.

two irises

Lysefjorden, Norway – Southeast of Lysebotn – Road code Fv500
The gap in the road in the photograph is where it disappears into the road tunnel bored into the mountain face and comes out at the road at the top. You can find it on Google Maps.

This cruise ship is named “The World” – And it’s traveling all around the world. It’s residents permanently live on the boat, as it travels around the globe. Very expensive. We had one of our visitors emailing us that when he lived in Nome, AK, this high class boat made a stop.

world cruise ship

This girl, Shea Vaughn is 72 years old. Unbelievable, right?
She doesn’t really look like the regular grandmother, but she is! She’s also the mother of actor Vince Vaughn and 3 other kids. She regularly does yoga, pilates, martial arts and Tai Chi.

pretty grandmother