20 Things That Are True

20 Things That Are True But Nobody Wants to Admit

20. We all love a good musical. Admit it. You turn on High School Musical or Grease and next thing you know you’ve watched the whole darn thing.

19. Even guys think David Beckham is good looking. We compensate for it by making fun of his voice and saying we hate him but there is not a guy on earth that wouldn’t like have the ladies throwing themselves at you .

18. Motorcycles are unsafe. It’s not IF you are going to get hurt, but how bad

17. Your golf score is inversely proportional to the time you spend with your family It is impossible to shoot in the 70’s and spend the correct amount of time with your family if you work or have ANY other hobbies.

16. That old fraternity t-shirt needs to be thrown away. It’s not getting any younger in the drawer and it certainly has too many holes to wear anywhere.

15. Valentines day is worthless. It’s becoming more and more meaningless each year. Kind of like Microsoft.

14. You will never stay thin without exercise. You can diet all you want but it is next to impossible to diet forever.

13. Gambling is for the poor. Rich men don’t gamble. It is OK to take a gamble now and then. More than once a year and you are wasting your money and time. The lottery is for the poor and uneducated.

12. You don’t talk to your parents enough. We all know it but we don’t do much about it. Everyone I’ve ever met regretted this at their parents funerals. Spend time with them now.

11. We hire people based on looks. You’re not supposed to, but we all do it. Two people equally qualified will be decided on which one looks best. I choose the personality I can get along with best , but ugly usually loses. Not legal, not right , but true.

10. We overmedicate. Your body is made to heal itself of simple things. If you eat correctly, get a good nights sleep, and exercise, for the most part your body can take care of itself. If you take ibuprofen every day then how is your body going to learn to take care of itself?

9. Creativity is under emphasized. It’s hard to put your creativity on a resume but it’s a trait that is highly desired and needed in business. Everyone copies or improves. Creative people approach from a whole new angle.

8. “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch” If you do a little everyday things will get done. Procrastinate or try and do everything at once and you will fail.

7. Republicans have 0 percent chance in the next election. I don’t care if Reagan came back. This one goes to the other team this year. Let them figure out how to get out of the war.

6. The anonymity of the Internet has turned the younger generation into a bunch of online punks. The way they talk to each other on line is shameful. If some of these guys talked to me like that in person I would put them down like Chuck Lidell.

5. A human life is worth more than an animal’s. Despite what PETA and the other crazy groups will tell you. DO NOT harm a human to save an animal. (This does not mean I don’t value an animals life, it just means that if an animal were dying and I was dying, I think there are some people that would help the animal first and let me die)

4. A person that doesn’t smoke is EXTREMELY bothered by someone who does right next to them. We never say anything because we don’t want to cause a scene or make someone mad but almost everyone is bothered by it. Laws will take care of this over next couple years.

3. We all have the will but most don’t have the dedication or the preparation to meet that desire. There are so many people that want the world but aren’t willing to sacrifice anything to get it. Nice things take hard work. A healthy body means getting tired. Nice things take long hours at work. A good family means sacrificing some personal things (see golf above)

2. We love “bad people”. The world would care less about Lindsay Lohan if she acted like a nice young teen. People are drawn to and curious about people that do bad things. Go to your local online news and see what percentage of the stories are about people doing bad things. Almost all. Why? Bad is entertaining.

1. Anything man made in large doses is most likely not good for you. Follow this rule and you will probably live longer. Remember the “everything in moderation” rule. This especially applies to man made ingredients. From Aspartame (my vice) to Zoloft, watch the intake.