20 Horrible Domain names…

Stuff I found on the web.

1. The Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society Of Britain used the domain:

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2. Manufacturer of instruments for monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure Dickson didn’t think twice when they choose:

3. A holiday rentals company in Spain is called Choose Spain. Hopefully the vacation won’t be a painful experience:

4. A company selling CAD software and Learning CDs was called ViaGrafix – quite innocent until a blue pill hit the market. The company is now called Learn2.

5. TeachersTalk: A community for teachers and student to discuss all areas of teaching… Even how to stalk teachers?
teachers talk

6. The small town Winters’ local newspaper is called Winters Express and can be read online at:
winters express

7. An eBay competitor was considering the name Auctions Hit, but found it to be a shitty name:

8. If you offer a scaffold erection/dismantle service, maybe you shouldn’t have a mammoth as your mascot and call your company Mammoth Erection:

9. Things to do and see along New York State’s Canals and vacation regions:

10. New Zealand’s “As Seen On TV” is called “But That’s Not All“. But do they sell Butt Hats or not?

11. The kids might look nice in their Childrens’ Wear, but remember:
childrens wear

12. IHA Vegas‘ holiday rentals might have a special smell, since:

13. Could a Apple Macintosh make me more masculine? Read more in macHome magazine:
mac home

14. Odds Extractor – Online gambling resource or farmers looking for new and unusual machinery?

15. If you’re known as Big Al, why not call your online fish supplies store for Big Al’s Online?
big als online

16. SCA Tissue – Away-From-Home tissue products has a terrible issue with their name:

17. Even if you’re company is called Cumbria Storage Systems don’t even think about calling your website:

18. Alter Scrap Processing part of The Alter Companies use the domain:

19. Anyone knows if Australian ISP WebOne does some moonlighting?
web one

20. Don’t start a business in Cook Islands… Given that their TLD is .ck and they use .co for commercial domains, you end up with: