2015 Technologies From The Future

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality.” We proudly present you the reality. The most amazing discoveries, inventions and all the scientific stuff from the future, which was developed through the year of 2014. Personally, I think there are some still impossible ones. Anyway, let’s go back to the future!

There’s an app that translates in real time:

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Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

And a spoon meant to help those with Parkinson’s eat:

And Harry Potter-esque ads in subways:


There are holograms…on ICE CREAM apps:

There are digital libraries where one scans a QR code to get the book they want:

Astronauts are taking dang selfies in SPACE:

All this being done with a green screen:

Bathrooms with smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it exist:

You know, this happened:

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There are doors straight out of any science fiction movie:

Scientists are making videos out of human memories:

Robots are getting more realistic (and creepy) each year:

Transparent cars are in development:

These are all the planets we discovered this year, compared to the previous two decades:

I mean, check out this man’s bionic arm at work:

There’s a trash can that knows where your trash is headed:

And cities are growing at an alarming rate. Check out Shanghai between 1987 and now:

An Oculus Rift is being used for 3D imaging:

Chemicals like this exist to reject liquid:

And, just a reminder, all this fits in your pocket now:

enhanced buzz

If you think there’s nothing to add, here is a spectacular video:

Source: buzzfeed