15 Expired foods that are dangerous and most probably in your fridge


eggs - 15 expired foods that are dangerous and most probably in your fridge

Even though the ironically tantalizing smell of rotting eggs will be a reason good enough to keep away from samples aging above their expiry date, some may need to know additionally that savoring that discolored egg is a sure-proof way of getting symptoms like abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, gas and even food poisoning in full bloom. Hence, be sure to always the first crack open an egg in a bowl to know whether it is a green sign to go or not. And also, make sure to keep the eggs refrigerated. Keeping them outside or in a warm place won’t be actually giving you a chick to keep but it will surely make you sick!

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Deli Meat

deli meat

Ever thought that you may actually have something alive going about their business inside you? If you haven’t, you should now. Processed deli meat has a high level of E.Coli and Listeria bacteria, not to mention a generous amount of nitrates. Just add a date past the expiry date and you have got a wonderful mixture of death dish. So, unless you want to get food poisoned that will be an experience that you never had before, it will be better to go for fresh rather than processed products.

Mixed Greens

Yes, although they are said to be health-friendly(maybe too friendly), green vegetables also have an expiry date. Usually, they are the camping site for various disease-causing bacteria who would like nothing better than to take care of your teeth and your immune system for you once and for all. So, the next time you get down to making a sandwich and decide to add vegetables that look ‘just a little bit wilty’ you may want to think twice before taking that savored bite.

Alfalfa Sprouts

alfalfa sprouts

Have you been part of the torture club where you had to eat your vegetables before you could eat your actual dinner and the most awaited part, dessert? If yes, then you are probably safe from the dangers of consuming Alfalfa sprouts that are past their expiry date. For those who still managed to develop a liking, you may still want to watch out for the expiry date. Believe me, after the germs and bacteria are done with you and your stomach, you will wish you had never come to know about these delicate, friendly-looking greens.


oysters - 15 expired foods that are dangerous and most probably in your fridge

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If you are the kind of person who loves to have exotic delicacies, then oysters are something on your must-have list, even if the best way to have them is to slurp them down. However, if you were to devour oysters that are well past their expiry date, the results will be not so delicate. Apart from the foul smell that usually accompanies oysters, you are in line for getting a severe food poisoning. If that doesn’t leave you flinching at the sight of an oyster in future ever again, nothing would.


shrimps - 15 expired foods that are dangerous and most probably in your fridge

While some can’t imagine why people would like to chew down on these creepy, insect-looking sea creatures, those of us who have had the chance to experience the beautiful flavor of shrimps can find a list of reasons to keep eating them again and again. However, besides us humans, some other things also like the taste of shrimps – bacteria. Once the expiry date is gone, you can be sure to expect a huge bacterial build-up which may result in your quitting all commitments early due to food poisoning.

Raw Ground Beef

For all those beef-lovers out there, the hope for a good meal with their favorite ingredient is still alive until the time that the meat expires, that is. Apart from the taste not being as best, the bacteria, E.coli, found in beef comes from the intestine of the cattle. While it may be friendly toward the cattle, it will definitely not be toward you. So, unless you want to get sick from food poisoning so much so that you will forever be tainted by the experience you had and will just need to take one glance to feel revolted, it is suggested to consume it before the expiry date.


Although some ice-cream fanatics would still be found gulping down spoon after spoon of this delicious cold dessert after the expiry date has been left far behind, others may not be as tolerable, though, when it comes to facing the consequences of such actions. Apart from the guilt of taking in so many calories, you can be sure that instead of the rich creamy taste you had in mind, you will be savoring the flavor of bland and chalky unidentified mixture. To add insult to injury, you may well go about clutching your tummy from the severe ache that you may experience for hours.

Fresh Berries

A long time ago, back in the days when everything was eaten fresh, small children were forbidden to eat any berries off the bushes on their picnics for fear of them being poisonous. However, those who did dare to defy these safety precautions learned their lesson well after having a fit of chills, shivers, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. And unless you are careful while eating these tiny treats, you may also be in for a life lesson that will have you checking the expiry date, again and again, next time.

Soft Cheese

For those cheese-lovers out there, they can imagine a thousand ways of putting this dairy product to use (of course, for eating). For the benefit of those who may not be aware of how their favorite toss comes into being, they should know that it is actually a reservoir of bacteria that are there by choice of the manufacturer (yes that is true). Being a product of controlled spoilage, you have to be careful to consume cheese that is wrapped up, refrigerated and not a second past its expiry. Those who do take a chance on expired cheese may well be in for a cycle of vomiting, stomachache and possibly diarrhea. Not a good sight or feeling at all. Besides this, don’t hesitate to enjoy it in the least!


chicken - 15 expired foods that are dangerous and most probably in your fridge

While the vegans and vegetarians will call this a murder of a living being, those who do love chicken turn a deaf ear to all accusations while they enjoy the taste of their own specially prepared a chicken meal. However, with great taste comes great responsibility. While many may know that leaving a chicken undercooked is unhealthy, they may not be aware that it poses one of the highest probabilities of food poisoning. And you can be sure to get a friendly crossing over of deadly bacteria if the chicken is stored together with beef. So, unless you want your dinner guests rushing to the washroom, clutching their mouths and stomachs, you better cook it well enough. And of course, not past the expiry date.

Frozen potato chips

frozen fries

Now that the manufacturers have picked up on presenting a line of ‘ready-to-cook’ frozen food, meals prepared as such are the new home-cooked meal. All you need is to put those perfectly cut potato chips in a frying pan and they will be ready to eat in no time. But what happens to these perfect snacks when they finally outlive their life span? Well, you can be sure that instead of a tasty meal, you will be having a soggy mess that will not only provoke your sense of smell and taste but give a good stomachache to those who surpass the appearance and odor. So, better start checking your fridge for long-forgotten snacks that you could eat by mistake!


While some may consider it to be merely a complimentary drink to be used independently or in other beverages, a glass of milk may actually be a whole meal in its own. But unlike water, it does have a time limit, after which it will actually become your worst nightmare. Imagining opening a bottle of milk few days past its expiry date and innocently pouring it in a glass, only to find a strange yellowish mixture with layers erupted here and there and giving off a breath-taking (in reality) odor. And for those too bold or too lazy to go for fresh milk, it may serenely present a gift of diarrhea, vomiting, and ache.

Canned Food

canned food

When it comes to canned food, it has made our life both blissful and more manageable while also providing room for destruction here and there. Although, some may actually be intoxicated by the syrupy taste of such products, they need to be aware of the sweeter than death effects that such products may give when used after being expired. It may introduce such a cycle of physical distress including stomach convulsions that you will be thankful for every piece of fresh food that you get.

Factory-packed Snacks

Though many blame the snacks that we have in abundance these days for the high level of obesity existing, it still doesn’t stop anyone from churning on a big bag of potato chips with coke in front of TV. Though, you can turn a blind eye on the effects of such snacks while eating, you would do better to open them wide when you read the expiry date. Because, apart from adding to your waistline, it will be adding more to your discomfort, leading to continual pain signals erupting from your digestive system, just like in a movie.