14 Animals That Can Paint

1. Painting Dog

0 - 14 animals that can paint
1 - 14 animals that can paint
2 - 14 animals that can paint

After his owner attached a paintbrush to his favorite rubber bone,
Sammy took up painting, and never looked back.
Inspired by his lush surroundings, in Eastern Shore,
Maryland, Sammy creates the most amazing abstract paintings,
using a variety of colors. You may think this puppy’s art is a joke,
but his paintings have been showcased in various New York art galleries, and some have sold for up to $1,700. Source

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2. Pig

1 - 14 animals that can paint

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2 - 14 animals that can paint

A farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon, England has stumbled upon a novel idea to raise funds for their Farm Crisis Network charity.
The farm has enlisted the help of two piglets, known as “Van Snout” and “Bottabelli” who one day accidentally got into a few cans of non-toxic paint, and the next day had become artists.
Their work is comparable to a Jackson Pollock painting for its messy and loose design, and wild mix of colors.
Farm owner Chris Murray said “The pigs tended to go more for pointilism – they weren’t too keen on cubism. We think of them as our little Pigassos.”
The paintings sell for up to £16 each and have raised more than £150 so far, which is sure to grow once the news spreads.
The quality of the paintings is actually quite good, so good that you may be surprised to see who the true artists are behind the works.Source

3. Horse

Cholla’s paintings have been featured in art exhibits from San Francisco to New York and, now, overseas.
During the Biennale period (until 22 November 2009,
following his first personal exhibit abroad) 30 watercolours by Cholla have been
exclusively shown in Venice at the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, which is planning other
exhibits of Cholla’s works around the world. Internationally, he is already considered one
of the four most sought after animal artists; Congo the chimpanzee from the ’50s whose paintings
are now sold at the same sales as those of Andy Warhol, is slightly ahead. Because
of its success and the media interest, the show has in fact been extended from 15 June to 22 November! Source

4. Dolphin

1 - 14 animals that can paint
2 - 14 animals that can paint
4 - 14 animals that can paint

QINGDAO, – dolphin’s Aquatic Park, China, named Xiaoqiang is known as an intelligent animal and has more memory.
On Wednesday (31/3/2010), this dolphin showed their versatility in front of the visitors Aquatic Park in Qingdao, Shandong Province, East China.
A child shows a painting, and Xiaoqiang, the dolphins, under the guidance of an instructor trainer of animals, began to paint in front of the visitors.
The result is extraordinary, a nude painting of a dolphin. Source

5. Rhino

2 - 14 animals that can paint

This talented black rhino is one of the main attractions at the Denver Zoo.
Apart from being one of the gentlest most lovable animals there,
Mishindi also likes to spend his spare time, painting.
All he needs is a big paintbrush and someone to hold the canvas,
and he just unleashes his artistic talent. In a fund-raising event,
last year, Mishindi’s paintings have sold for $220, each. Source

6. Elephant

1 - 14 animals that can paint
3 - 14 animals that can paint

Apparently elephants are inherently interested in painting because sometimes
they will pick up a stick and draw in the dirt. The elephants at the National
Elephant Institute were taught how to do the same thing, but with a paintbrush and paint. Source

7. Sea Lion

2 - 14 animals that can paint

When Jen DeGroot, marine mammologist, at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, decided to teach Lea, the sea lion, to make flipper art, she had no idea it would eventually turn into a regular phenomenon. But when people heard there was a sea lion creating artistic imprints with her flippers, everyone wanted their very own custom artwork. The aquarium saw the potential of their slippery artist and decided to charge for her art, as a way of raising money for the animals. Since then Lea and her sea lion friend Max have taken it to another level and are now masters of the paintbrush, as well. Source

8. Smithfield the Pig

1 - 14 animals that can paint

Smithfield the Vietnamese potbellied pig always showed an aptitude for learning new things. A resident of Richmond, Virginia, he paints pictures by holding a brush in his mouth. In addition to painting, Smithfield makes personal appearances for groups and on TV, where he performs his repertoire of tricks like posing for pictures and playing musical instruments. He has survived two bouts of cancer, which left him with a hole on the top of his snout. Source

9. Turtle

2 - 14 animals that can paint

Koopa is a turtle belonging to artist Kira Ayn Varszegi. Kira taught Koopa many tricks over the years, such as standing on his hind legs and painting.
During a 5-year painting career, Koopa produced 827 paintings, which you have to admit is fast work for a turtle! He is retired now due to some health issues, although some of his paintings are still for sale.

10. Raccoon

Even raccoons get in on the artistic act. Although they are adept at manipulating objects with their human-like hands, these critters from the Hutchinson Zoo in Kansas prefer art of a slightly more abstract nature. Source

11. Parrot

1 - 14 animals that can paint

With their colorful plumage and dramatic personalities, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that parrots have an artistic side. Just as they can learn to speak, many birds have been taught to use a paintbrush. Needless to say, they’re naturals! Source

12. Chimpanzee

1 - 14 animals that can paint

It’s no surprise that many apes, our nearest relatives, create art. Probably the most famous simian painter is Cheeta, the retired star of many Tarzan movies. Cheeta, now 76 years old, lives at the C.H.E.E.T.A. Primate Sanctuary in Palm Springs, California, and his main hobby now is painting. Source

13. Stewie the tamandua

Stewie the tamandua was what most of us would call an anteater. Stewie and his companion Pua (also a trained tamandua) appeared in one of the Dr. Dolittle sequels. In addition to acting, Stewie had a talent for painting. Watch Stewie learn to paint in this video. Unfortunately, Stewie died of an autoimmune
problem in February of 2008. But he lives on in photos and artwork. Source

14. Orangutan

1 - 14 animals that can paint

Towan, a 41-year-old orangutan, from Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, was a big internet hit, back in 2008, when some of his original paintings were auctioned off, on eBay. Two of his artworks sold for close to $1,000, with the proceedings going towards organizing a zookeepers conference. All orangutans like to paint, but unlike all his other furry friends, Towan does it with a brush, instead of his tongue. He’s also much easier to deal with after he’s done painting, as he slides his tools, under his doorway, while other orangutans will desperately hold on to them. Source