13 Unusual Bike Designs

Bicycles could also be sophisticated machines. Sometimes new design and functions may seem as the reinvention of the wheel, while usually it's not. At least, isn't it fun to ride forkless beach cruiser to stun your friends and the passerby?

The Forkless Bike - FL-01 Outset

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Custom Built Forkless Bicycle

The V10 Fat Bike

image005 - 13 unusual bike designs

Custom Built 'Flying Rider'

'Flinstones Cycle'

Tetanus Bike

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The Gary Fisher Pro-Issue DH Bike from the Late 90's

max gary fisherdh

Scott Octane DH Bike with Moto Saddle Extension

14134450638510 - 13 unusual bike designs

The Trek 9000 aka Trek Trampoline

dh trek 9000 93 - 13 unusual bike designs

Redalp Team DH

original redalp team bike small

Krutor Hrotor

This frame made by Krutor is now permanently 'Out Of Stock'. It's first race was in 2005.
"This bike is not for sale and we're not going to produce another piece. Therefore we ignore any questions regarding the price." - Krutor Company

1189986 - 13 unusual bike designs

Nicolai Nucleon FR

This downhill madness is available from Nicolai with 5 year warranty for 5299 € only!
max nicolai

Bender's Karpiel

bender2 - 13 unusual bike designs

(Image Credits: VITALMTB)

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