10 Coolest Bottle Openers

1. Ring Thing Bottle Opener

a365 ring - 10 coolest bottle openers

Everyone can be a little Irish with this Ring Thing Bottle Opener ($12.95), a shamrock-engraved finger-ring that doubles as a bottle opener. Wearers of this certain social lubricant always become the talk of the tavern. Wear it on your social finger (middle Finger). Hook the bottle cap with the Ring Thing and lift your wrist. Pssshhhhhhht… enjoy your drink!

2. Sandal Bottle Opener

a365 sandal - 10 coolest bottle openers

Nothing to pop a top packed in the cooler? No problem. The Reef Sandal Bottle Opener ($13.49 – $39.95) has you covered with a built-in-the-sole bottle opener. Now that’s a sandal we can all enjoy.

3. USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

a339 bottle - 10 coolest bottle openers

The TrekStor SB-Stick with Bottle Opener ($43.71) will not only quench your storage thirst with its 25MB/s read speed and 12 MB/s write speed, but is also sure to have you sipping suds at your desk thanks to the bottle opener that’s built into the device’s brushed aluminium housing. A USB 2.0 connector port features at the sober end of the device and storage fans can pick the unit up in 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB capacities.

4. Bike Chain Bottle Opener

a365 bike - 10 coolest bottle openers

How on earth would you recycle a bike chain? Well, here’s an idea: the Bike Chain Bottle Opener ($11.95). A “green”, environmentally-friendly opener; now you can get drunk –and– save the planet at the same time.

5. Baseball Cap Bottle Opener

a365 cap - 10 coolest bottle openers

You’ll always be able to open bottles with the Guinness Pint Bottle Opener Baseball Cap ($17.00) This olive baseball cap with Guinness pint and brand embroidered on front of cap has a convinient bottle opener on the visor, so you’ll always have it with you on a sunny day.

6. Credit Card Bottle Opener

a365 cc - 10 coolest bottle openers

It’s the world’s only credit card that doesn’t expire. Put the Credit Card Bottle Opener ($6.19) right on your wallet, cuz you’re gonna pay for some beers with this cool opener.

7. Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

a365 magnet - 10 coolest bottle openers

The Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener ($40.78) is the easiest way to pop open a cold one straight out of the fridge. This stainless steel bottle opener instantly opens your bottles with a flick of the wrist and is ultra stylish too, right where you need it most.

8. Key Bottle Opener

a365 key - 10 coolest bottle openers

The Key Bottle Opener ($9.48) can’t open a secret chest filled with gold dubloons. But, it can open a beer, which we figure is just as good. The opener is made from tough nickel steel and is the perfect size and shape to hang from your keychain.

9. Skeleton Bottle Opener

a365 skeleton - 10 coolest bottle openers

Isn’t this sweet? No it isn’t. The Skeleton Bottle Opener ($34.95) is the toughest opener ever, pussies beware.

10. Simpsons Homer Talking Bottle Opener

a365 homer - 10 coolest bottle openers

Officially licensed, the Simpsons Homer Talking Bottle Opener ($7.99) goes crazy for beer everytime you use this bottle opener. Duff, anyone?