10 Odd Jobs!! :o

Worm Picker - Worm pickers gather up worms to be used as fish bait.

worm picker

Weed Farmer - No it's not what you think. A weed farmer grows weeds to be used in herbicide research.

weed farmer

Vomit Collector - Ever wonder who cleans up the puke from theme park rides? Well
this is the job of a vomit collector.

Vomit Collectors

Toilet Tester - Toilet testers create fake poop out of soybean paste and flush
them with toilet paper to test a toilet's flushing capabilities.

toilet tester

Pet Food Taster - Pet food tasters eat pet food to provide feedback on the how
pet food tastes.

pet food taster

Odor Tester - Odor Testers have a very stinky job, they smell body odors for
deodorant companies

odor tester

Tobacco Lump Inspector - Inspects lumps of tobacco for defects in wrapper leaf,
such as holes and rough spots.

lump inspector

Egg Breaker - Egg breakers separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs for
use in egg products.

egg breaker

Cheese Sprayer - Cheese sprayers the people who spray kernels of popcorn with cheese.

cheese sprayer

Ant Catcher - An ant catcher is a person who catches live ants that can be used in ant farms.

ant farm

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    #3 The worst job you can have at a theme park!

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    surely you just breed ants and worms in farms much like they do with crickets (for reptile food)? I doubt there's a job that sends a guy out into the countryside to pick up ants and worms

    Also +3, I wouldn't like to do any of these, apart from maybe the fake poo tester

    that's the job you pick among them?!!!! why ? you like poop so mu... ohh.. never mind! ;)
    - oscarsylvester February 19, 2013, 9:08 am
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    #5 I hear some old people eat cat food since it's suppose to be like tuna, and ever since I heard that I've started to notice the amount of old people in the cat food section when I go to the store, mostly at Walmart, though it could just be the amount of crazy cat people are high in my area.

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