10 Genius Re-Inventions Of Stuff You Use Every Day

1.) The Fletcher Capstan Table: This table doubles in size in mere seconds.

2.) LiquiGlide Bottles: This coating allows liquids to flow out smoothly.

3.) The Invisible Bike Helmet: Bikers wear this collar and it will inflate on impact.


4.) The Evolution Door: Instead of opening and closing, this door transforms.

5.) Iota Toilet: This toilet folds up to save space and it also saves water.

6.) LIFX Light Bulbs: These LED bulbs are colored, remote controlled and lasts up to 25 years.

7.) Ooho: Ooho is a biodegradable and edible membrane made of brown algae. It can hold water and plastic bottles may be a thing of the past.

8.) Rekindle Candle: The Rekindle is a candle that can go on and on. When the wax melts, it forms another candle.

9.) Volvo’s Inflatable Car Seat: It can deflate to be the size of a backpack, but is made with a fabric that can sustain high internal pressure.

10.) SnapRays GuideLight: These outlet lights are perfect night lights that don’t take up a free outlet.