10 Best Car Ads

Honda Accord 2003

Produced at a cost of £1million and premiered in an ad break during the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix, the two-minute clip took 606 takes and four days of filming to produce, resulting in a sackload of awards and a massive sales boost for mid-range Japanese saloons.

Saab 900 Turbo

Saab has been telling us for years, that their cars are jets with numberplates. Sierra Alpha Alpha Bravo.

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Citroen CX

Over the years, Grace Jones has been many things to many people. As it turns out, in 1985 she also took an ill-advised crack at endorsing the GTi Turbo incarnation of the notoriously ugly Citroen CX, in a 40-second ad which ends with Ms. Jones driving said car into a gigantic replica of her own head.

Renault Clio 1991-1998

Featuring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer playing out the scene from “The Graduate”. 23 million people tuned in to see this finale when it was broadcast.

Castrol GTX

You’d always secretly suspected it’d be sort of amazing to be liquidised and passed through the engine of an unspecified supercar, but until this mid-nineties effort hit our screens, none of us could quite say for certain.

Ford Sierra

Once upon a time Ford Sierra was Britain’s tenth most popular car.

VW Golf

Original 1980s TV ad for the Mk2 VW Golf GTI from the UK using a Princess Diana clone

Citroen C4

Would Optimus Prime do the Macarena in Transformers 5?

Skoda Fabia

The recipe called for no less than 179 eggs, 100kg each of flour and caster sugar and 12.5kg of jam, with strips of liquorice used to create the fanbelt, windscreen wipers and aerial. Sweet.